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Beggar's Bride - Boulevard of Broken Hearts
Beggar's Bride is a rock project initiated by Holggy Begg (ex-Beast Psycho) and contains 12 rock songs with various guest musicians. Some of the noteworthy ones are Marc Storace from Krokus and Aino Laos (from Laos). Together with producer/multi-instrumentalist Michael Voss, Begg composed a disc full of songs which he considers "Desert Rock".

With Desert Rock, I picture myself driving down a big American highway in my old Gran Torino with the stereo on 11, thinking about days that are gone and just giving a rats ass about everything. What we get with Beggar's Bride is "smooth rock" music that your mom would like to listen to when she goes out for groceries in her Renault Twingo. The music that is on this disc is well played and well executed and seems to follow some "classic rock for dummies" handbook. This could be the soundtrack to one of those "best of 80s rock commercials" with a bad synchronised dude trying to sell you cds.

It's not that this is a bad record, but the songs where Mr. Begg sings are just awful, while the songs that feature Ela, Aino or Storace are perfectly fine (soft) rocksongs. It results into a very mixed bag where for each good song there is another track that makes your hair fall out; resulting into a chemo-therapy look. Chemo-rock. Only worth getting if you are a real fan of some of the people on this disc.
Beggar's Bride - Boulevard of Broken Hearts
54/1001Details SPV
Released on Friday Oct 13th, 2006
Desert Rock

Writer @Carn on Tuesday Jan 9th, 2007

Tags: #Beggar's Bride
Tracklisting 1. Broken Hearts
2. Footprints In The Sand
3. Ruled By Clowns
4. You Were My Sunshine
5. Dreams
6. I Think It’s Over
7. Eight Feet Below
8. First Way Out
9. The Radio Is Playin’ Softly
10. Tattoo-Nancy
11. Thousand Miles From Home
12. The Open Sea
13. Below
Line up Various