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Trinity - Heartbreak Ridge
Trinity is a melodic/heavy rock band from Vantaa, Finland. The band already came to existence during the mid-nineties but has only been playing live since 2003. They previously released a few demos and played approximately 50 gigs. So far the history of yet another melodic rock/metal band in a nutshell. 
For me it’s getting harder and harder to review albums like these. Sure, most of the time I get some decent melodic rock/metal but the thing is that it sounds less and less refreshing when I consider all those other melodic metal bands I listen to. Therefore it’s pretty hard to give an album (or in this case an EP) like Heartbreak Ridge a reasonably fair mark. I’ll give it a try though!
What we have here is a band that released its first reasonably professional effort. I sure think that considering it’s their first, the music sounds pretty good. The first three songs are pretty damn catchy and definitely make me wanna move. But then there are the two cover songs on the effort; ‘Pet Sematary’ by The Ramones and ‘The Acer Spades’ by Motörhead. Of course it’s cool to put a cover song on your album but when it sounds even cooler than your own songs I wouldn’t put it on my album. That really doesn’t do any good to your own material in my opinion. But when I forget about the fact the last two songs are covers, this complete EP is pretty damn good after all.
At first I thought Trinity was really just a melodic/heavy rock band but the more I listened to it, the more it became clear to me this band actually combines the aforementioned genre with rock ‘n’ roll influences. Which also made me understand their Motörhead cover. It actually made it fit on this effort a lot more than I thought in the beginning.
I’d say the combination of melodic heavy metal with rock ‘n’ roll really convinced me. It’s something that seems to work out just fine and it’s definitely more refreshing than most melodic bands I hear nowadays. I took me some time but after a couple of spins I could finally draw my conclusion: Two thumbs up for Trinity’s Heartbreak Ridge!
Trinity - Heartbreak Ridge
78/1001Details Trinity MGC Oy
Released on Wednesday Jan 3rd, 2007
Melodic Metal with Rock 'n' Roll

Writer @Boek on Saturday Jan 13th, 2007

Tags: #Trinity
Tracklisting 1. Heartbreak Ridge
2. Calling
3. Dragons Rule The Night
4. Pet Sematary
5. Ace Of Spades
Line up Texas - Vocals
Juhis - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Zeus - Bass, Backing Vocals
Kal´┐Ż - Guitar
Tuomas - Drums