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Battlelore - Evernight
When confronted with a band that claims to make ‘epic fantasy metal’ most Metalragers tremble in fear. But not the almighty orc-slayer DemonDust!!! This fable-tastic mythological knight and devoted promotor of the light-sabre took upon this challenge and overcame this Lord of the Rings infested metal record by Battlelore, even though he prefers Star Wars!
Enough wise-ass. What we have here is Evernight, the fourth effort by epic fantasy metallers Battlelore. I dug into their older material, written by differing line-ups, and noticed that as the albums progress less and less folk-material is included. The band now consists of two guitarists, a bassist, drummer, keyboardist and a male and female vocalist. The female takes care of the melodic clean vocals, while the male singer takes care of the heavy grunts.
The first impression this band gives you is that of a quite hard metal band with some melodic female singing and some keyboards, but as you listen to it more you hear that those two extra aspects really make a difference. The variety in the music is pumped up a great deal, there even are some relaxing moments. Luckily Battlelore seldom use the really cheesy ‘Kabouter Plop’-like tunes, that makes you envision a legion of dwarves partying in a medieval tavern. So to conclude my total impression about this band, they’re actually quite good!!

But I must say, the first time I looked at a band photo of Battlelore, I laughed like there was no tomorrow. It looks like Smeagol himself arranged the try-outs for this band. There’s an actual orc on drums, a fairy on vocals and a troll on bass-guitar. This goes too far for me. I mean you can like Lord of the Rings all you want, and I’m happy to do a discussion with you about that, but anyone who has seen Blackwolf the Dragonmaster on Triumph the Insult Comic Dog show wouldn’t dare and go dress like this. Well, I could go on and on ridiculing the way they dress, but that doesn’t erase the fact that their music is quite good. So any Lord of the Rings fanatic with a taste for metal (and I believe there’s quite some of those) can pick this one up. One band to join them all…
Battlelore - Evernight
80/1001Details Napalm Records
Released on Friday Feb 23rd, 2007
Epic Fantasy Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Jan 15th, 2007

Tags: #Battlelore
Tracklisting 1. House of Heroes
2. Ocean's Elysium
3. Summon the Wolves
4. We Are the Legions
5. Into the New World
6. Longing Horizon
7. Mask of Flies
8. The Cloak and the Dagger
9. Beneath the Waves
Line up Kaisa Jouhki - vocals
Tomi Mykk´┐Żnen - vocals
Jussi Rautio - guitars
Jyri Vahvanen - guitars
Timo Hankanen - bass
Henri Vahvanen - drums
Maria - keyboards