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Zimmer's Hole - Legion Of Flames
The new album of Zimmer's Hole called Legion Of Flames is out in stores, but already for a quite long period. When I put the disc in the player, a long intro passed away, to finally burst out into some heavy riffs and drumwork. The Hole Is The Law it's called, and whatever it means but you shouldn't take the lyrics too seriously as they are for the most complete bullshit. The second song Dead To The Dodgers of Soap is just like that. The music is extremely powerful and sounds very nice, but the lyrics are complete nonsense..... AND I LIKE THAT!!! Too many bands are taking their music sometimes too serious and Zimmer's Hole is just the exhaust for that. Great example is Re-Anaconda ( track 3) on the album, it begins with an extremely high scream followed by some riffs that only could be described as power metal aswell the vocals. Speaking of Vocals, just listen to Rock Move 47 for some wickedness. Zimmer's Hole also have the unique thing to compose songs that will stay in your head once you hear them, I caught myself on work grumbling Dead To The Dodgers Of Soap, or A Thousand Miles Of Cock. That's a very strong point about this band, and noteworthy songs are: Dead To The Dodgers Of Soap, White Trash Momma, Mushroom Mattress, Satan Is A Gay Pornstar and Evil Robots, which is a parody on Metallica's Master Of Puppets.. and Gender Of The Beast, which sounds like a parody on Iron Maiden. I also liked the That's How Drunks Drink song, because it's just a very speedy song to drink your beer with!! When I hear the album as a total, I see a funny red line in the songs, which are somehow related to eachother. Anyways, I will give this album 4 out of 5. Very well done guys! Track Listing: 1. The Hole Is The Law 2. Death To The Dodgers Of Soap 3. Re-Anaconda 4. Legion Of Flames 5. Well Of Misfortune 6. Aerometh 7. Evil Robots 8. Gender Of The Beast 9. Rock Move 47 10. 1000 Miles Of Cock 11. Sodomanaz 12. That's How Drunks Drink 13. Doggy Style 14. This Flight Tonight 15. White Trash Momma 16. Gaysong 17. Mushroom Mattress 18. Satan Is A Gay Porno Star 19. Platinum Shine 20. The Death Of The Resurrection Of The Death Of Metal Line Up: Vocals: Chris Valagao Guitars: Chris Stanley Lead Guitar: Jed Simon Bass: Byron Stroud Drums: Steve Wheeler Review by: Matko
Zimmer's Hole - Legion Of Flames
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Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Zimmer's Hole
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