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Final Ground - Rising To Fall
A new Dutch metalcore band, evolved from the dutch hardcoreband Oor-aal has begun their quest for respect by releasing an mini-cd dubbed �Rising To Fall�. Influenced by bands like Vision Of Disorder, Hatebreed and Machine Head they put together a nice album to begin with. First track on the album is �Fact Of Life�. Catchy riff with a definite Hatebreed touch on it. The vocals are heavy, but not heavy enough in my opinion. It�s eems to be missing that tiny bit that makes me say, wow, this guy�s throat is molesting my ears! Nonetheless, after hearing the album a couple of times I wasn�t bothered by this anymore. The songs has some good riffs in it and the double bass has a lovely metalcore-sound. Track two is called �No Relevance� and kicks in pretty good. The vocals are still not convincing enough but when a vocal-effect is used it sounds cool. There�s a nice pass in the song and the heaviness is quite pleasing. �Mindgame� has a nice opening riff, which sounds even better with the double bass on it. I just don�t really like the lyrics; �blood for blood, I hope you rot� sounds a bit childish to me, but hey, it�s only featured in the song twice and the ending riff of the song kicks ass. Up next is �Reject And Recreate�, where the drummer starts to show what he�s really worth. Which is al lot I might say. If Born From Pain would be looking for replacement for their drummer they wouldn�t have to search long. Heavy riff with some peeps in it (would that be the Machine Head influence maybe?) The second part of the chorus goes pretty fast and I like the bass part in the refrain. The vocals do lack variation a bit, despite the effects used on it. Titletrack �Rising To Fall� is the best track on the album in my opinion. It starts out with a drum part which reminds me of the outro track of Hatebreed�s �Perseverance� album. And also the track �Proven� of �The Rise Of Brutality�, which is the same part. The riff following it is a heavy one as well with a high dose of headbang feeling. The ending part is the best part of the cd, really phat beat-down with a beep in it and kicking drums. So, that�s really good riffs and drums with average singing. And that for a first mini-cd, I think we cant complain to much about it now can we? I see a bright future for these guys and I hope to hear from them soon. They show that the Dutch underground-metalcore is alive and kicking and they would be a good opening act for Born From Pain. Line-up: Tom Roelfsema � vocals Wouter Uil � guitar Sander Zuur - guitar Pim Duiverman � bass Xander van der Wal � drums Tracklist: 1. Fact Of Life 2. No relevance 3. Mindgame 4. Reject And Recreate 5. Rising To Fall Review by Demondust
Final Ground - Rising To Fall
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

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