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Always Fallen - No Mercy For Sinners
Always Fallen is a relatively new band, which was founded in the summer of 2005. In the beginning of 2006 they had their first live appearance. After some shows, and a change in the line-up they found they had gained enough experience for entering a studio to record their first demo entitled 'No Mercy For Sinners'.
Always Fallen can best be described as an 80’s thrash metal inspired band but with a modern touch to it. The first thing that one may notice are the vocals. It seems to me that nowadays, many beginning bands seem (or need) to take the easy way with heavy and raw screaming, and that’s where Always Fallen differs from the rest. Vocalist Kenny Devos interactively uses his clean voice with some grunting as well. A good example of his voice can be heard on their MySpace at the end of the song ‘No Mercy’, where you can hear his clean voice, in alternation with a guitar solo, which comes out perfectly! The five songs containing demo immediately gives them their own sound: varying from typical thrash sounding guitar riffs and solos, to a more straight forward metal sound.
Of course there are some negative points as well. The sound of the demo disappointed me a bit. You can’t expect a perfectly mastered demo when it’s their first, but I have seen them live and they produce a lot of energy and power within their songs that I can’t find, or at least not in that amount, on the demo. Another thing that does tend to irritate me are the drums. To be precise: a few less drum fills wouldn’t have done badly to the complete sound. The guitar solos are often “disturbed” by drum fills which kind of breaks the melody. Other than that, the drum parts do really well in supporting the riffs and it still doesn’t take away that this is a great release to start with.
I’m sure that once they have gained more experience and are prepared to enter the studio to record a complete album, they will not disappoint us!
Always Fallen - No Mercy For Sinners
83/1001Details None
Released on Saturday Feb 24th, 2007
Thrash Metal

Writer @Peekay on Sunday Jan 21st, 2007

Tags: #Always Fallen
Tracklisting 01. No Mercy
02. Who Gave Witness
03. Betrayal
04. Politically Incorrect
05. Friend or Foe
Line up Kenny Devos - Vocals
Jens Patteeuw – Lead Guitar
Thibault Coosemans - Drums
Mike Wage - Guitar
Pieter Nyckees – Bass