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Nahemah - The Second Philosophy
Nahemah, a name that did not ring a bell, but I’m inclined to give you some information, so here is a little background info that I could dig up from the info sheet. They hail from the south of Spain, and decided to begin a band with some eerie sounding musical influences like Opeth and Dark Tranquillity. Well, it’s all nice talk and things like that, but I prefer to hear it. The record is called “The Second Philosophy”.
The record starts out like an average Scandinavian doom/death/black metal band, with the same riffs and the same vocals, it’s all nothing new so far, but musically I was quite interested. I’m not interested in standard glitches and fancy tricks, I like my music weird, and preferably so fucking weird it’s not even music anymore. (Okay, I guess that also means some fancy tricks as long they are not standard!!) Now, I can’t say that Nahemah is sounding like weird metal, but it’s definitely not ordinary! Musically, I hear doom, death and black metal influences, but occasionally the music changes and the next thing you know, you’ll be wondering about the different tricks they performed on this album!
I was very surprised with this one, that’s why it took me so long to review this piece. I was definitely not getting what I expected with this one, so usually a record like that bores me the first time I listen to it, but this one really started to interest me after 3 times listening. There aren’t many bands that manage that for me. I would recommend people to listen to some songs on the website. I just don’t know more to say about this record, just that their references to Opeth and Dark Tranquillity are a little bit vague. But what the hell, it doesn’t matter how you deliver the sauce, as long it tastes nice and I can say this really tasted nice!
Nahemah - The Second Philosophy
84/1001Details Lifeforce Records
Released on Monday Jan 29th, 2007
Doom/Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Monday Jan 22nd, 2007

Tags: #Nahemah
Tracklisting Vocals - Pablo Egido
Bass - Paco Porcel
Guitar - Miguel Palazon
Guitar - Roberto Marco
Drums - Jose Diego
Line up 1: Siamese
2: Killing My Architect
3: Nothing
4: Like A Butterfly In A Storm
5: Change
6: Labyrinthyne Straight Ways
7: Subterranean Airports
8: Phoenix
9: Today Sunshine Ain't The Same
10: The Speech