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Human Error - Life Sentence
Human Error is a Crusty Punx inspired band from Budapest, Hungary. Their biography states that they’ve been an active part in the local DIY Punk community and have brought out zillions of releases in the eastern parts of Europe….. Well…. Superb…. Damn, why are all those fucking biographies so full of goddamn shit! What do I fucking give about how many records they’ve brought out in fucking Uruzgan or whatever! I want to hear some angry crust grinding punk! Okay, excuse my language for this one, but this is Crust Punk!
Luckily, when I started to listen to this album (which is by the way called Life Sentence) I was completely blasted away! Hell fucking yeah! Bring me the beer and the moshpit please, because I really needed that when I heard it. I can’t help saying this, but this is just one of those bands that would kick fabulous ass on Obscene Extreme! The songs are all angry and reminded me of a crossbreed between Malignant Tumour and those Italian maniacs called Cripple Bastards. Furthermore I really hear some Discharge and Disfear influences, which I really like! I like the fact that their song titles are interesting, because I can’t read or understand half of them. Sorry, but I do not speak ‘Magyar’ and that’s probably the only Hungarian word I know…. Owh and bosmec (Excuse my spelling). Well, to make a long story considerably shorter, I’m going to say that this record plainly kicks ass and everybody should buy it!
Why does it kick ass? Well, if you’re into the crust genre, have dreadlocks and a dog then this is probably the band for you! I do not have a dog, but I can apply myself to the first 2, which makes it pretty understandable that I jumped through my room when listening to this record. Just listening to this record makes me want to go to Obscene Extreme this year!!!!! A record like this does not need more explanation, because if you don’t know what crust punk is, you’ll probably don’t like it.
Human Error - Life Sentence
88/1001Details Endless Brutality Of Men
Released on Monday Jan 22nd, 2007
Crust Punk

Writer @Mat-Core on Monday Jan 22nd, 2007

Tags: #Human Error
Tracklisting 1: Living Common Grave
2: Torture Culture
3: So Fucking Cool!
4: Keszulni A Legrosszabbra
5: Egyenesen A Semmibe
6: Concentration Army
7: Semmi Nem Szamit
8: Hateful Point
9: Sin Doesn't Fly Away
10: Protzoan Life
11: Fuck The Police!
12: As The General Taste Dictates
13: Amerikai Alom
14: Intezmenyesitett Rabsag
15: This Age Declined
16: Endgame Of A Fatal Blame
17: Nehez Ugy
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