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Criminal - No Gods No Masters
It was somewhere in 2002, when I found the record Cancer, by Criminal. I enjoyed the heavy mixture of thrash and death and was amazed by the performance; however the music wasn�t that original. This Chilean death/thrash formation is going to bring out their new album No Gods No Masters somewhere in the end of February, and this is what we are going to bring to you. The first song Aberration starts with some freaked up drumming, and blasts into a riff that wouldn�t be misunderstood in Krisiun. The vocals are quite interesting and completely different from their previous album. The next track Consumed is somewhat slower and has a high head bang inducing level, nice riffs but sometimes the drumming is a bit over the top, but nothing is said about the riffs, damn!! Next song No Return begins slower, but after awhile it pounds just as hard as the previous songs. Breaking several speed records with the next song Deconstruction, this is one of the best songs of this record. Further along the album I was amazed by the intensity of the drumming and really wondered how they are planning to perform this live. It�s something about South-American bands, because they all have drummers on speed or something, listen to Krisiun and you know what I mean. I liked the bridge from Tidal Wave to Downfall, because Tidal Wave is 2 minutes of instrumental pausing, and Downfall is a killer song, the blast beats are flying from left to the right speaker. Some songs you should listen as well are Idol and Heresy (Bow To None) Leif from Dew-Scented assured me that they reached a speed limit in Thrash metal. Criminal is the living counterproof of that statement, because their drumming is fucking intense. I enjoyed this album; however some songs didn�t react on me, but hey, you can�t have it all. It�s quite hard to explain the sound of Criminal. I think you should combine Destruction or Kreator with Krisiun and with a little old Sepultura, then you have an indication for the sound of Criminal. Track List: 1: Aberration 2: Consumed 3: No Return 4: Deconstruction 5: Violent Change 6: Tidal Wave 7: Downfall 8: Idol 9: Dark Half 10: Faceless 11: Heresy (Bow To None) Line Up: Vocals/Guitars � Anton Reisenegger Guitars � Rodrigo Contreras Bass � Robin Eaglestone Drums � Zac O�Neill Keyboards � Mark Royce
Criminal - No Gods No Masters
83/1001Details Metal Blade
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Criminal
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