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April - Tidelines
The promo version of April’s first full-length album came without any info at all. Therefore I did some research on the web and found out that April wasn’t just a rock band (like I used to think) but a band that plays heavy metal mixed with alternative rock and pop music flavours. In between the recording sessions for this album, they also supported the Welsh metallers of Bullet For My Valentine. Quite an interesting story so far!
Seldom have I listened to a band with such a distractive name. I mean, “April”…what the f*ck?! I really imagined some desperate wannabe wankers in a soft poprock band. Fortunately I was very wrong about that! Anyway, if I had the opportunity to change one thing about this band…well you get the point right?!
But let’s cut the crap and have a look at the music. Because, like I said, this band certainly surprised me. In a positive way of course! The songs are quite hard to describe since the combination of (heavy) metal and pop music isn’t one you get to hear very often. One moment I’m listening to gentile, ballad-like parts (for example the beginning of  ‘Weakened To Speak’) when suddenly the rock/metal influences kick in and give the song the strength it needed. ‘Cause after all that’s what I wanna hear; heavy music.
You can consider it to be a strong point that April uses a lot of variety within its music and I do appreciate it. Though, to say I really like it wouldn’t be the right thing. The variety is definitely there, it’s just that it isn’t always the variety I’d like to hear. I would prefer more songs like ‘The Power Of One’ or ‘Time Is Up’, which are more rock oriented instead of the smooth pop songs. But, although I do not dig the smooth pop songs a whole lot, I gotta give my compliments to vocalist Hakim Hietikko for giving a great impression of his vocal capabilities. Especially the last track on the album, ‘Fading’, is a beautiful ballad!
I’m very sorry I cannot describe this album any better than this. I guess it’s something everybody has to get used to. You gotta listen to this album quite some times before you start to get the point of it. There’s probably a group of people who’ll love this and a group that’s never completely gonna get used to this kind of music (which doesn’t mean they don’t like it by the way). I guess for me it’s the latter.
April - Tidelines
73/1001Details Spinefarm Records
Released on Wednesday Feb 7th, 2007
Metal with Pop/Rock

Writer @Boek on Friday Feb 2nd, 2007

Tags: #April
Tracklisting 01. The Power Of One
02. First Blood
03. Stain
04. Soul Of Elimination
05. Colourblind
06. Dead Man Walking
07. Weakened To Speak
08. Time Is Up
09. Two Steps (For A New Revolution)
10. Fading
Line up Hakim Hietikko - Vocals
Mikko Merilinna - Guitar, Piano
J. Fatal - Guitar
Jaakko Pulkki - Bass, Vocals
Mikko Huovila - Drums