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Cuntgrinder - Reign Is Continued
In a strange mood I decided to look up some stupid names for grindcore bands, with this, I was encountered with the new Cuntgrinder album Reign Is Continued. This shit smelling band from Germany produces a nice pile of vomit and faeces in their new album. The album starts with some vague intro but the songs all have a groovy, rancid grindcore stench oozing out. Most of the songs won�t reach the 2 minutes, and several stick under 1 minute. Nice head nodding grindcore with a little punk in it. With the 2 vocals, one screaming his lungs out and one puking like hell. It�s the ordinary grindcore like the more filthy bands. Last Days Of Humanity wouldn�t be a wrong band to compare this shit with, however Last Days create a heavier drum sound. There is nothing to say about this album except that it�s just fun to listen to the very bad German spoken interludes. Somewhere there is fun in it, but sometimes it�s a bit too wrong. Cuntgrinder vary in tempo with only 2 things. Fast and grinding slow. Interludes like Golden Shower ( 1 guess about that) and songs like Vegan Penetration and United Forces explore the world of the pitch shifter. There�s nothing to say about this, I enjoyed the album but I won�t listen to this all day, damn it�s quite annoying to listen this shit more than 1 hour. 39 minutes is quite long for an album like this but hey it�s listenable, at least. If you are into sick puking shitting grindcore, then you should find this. Track List: 1: Intro (Shut Up You Shitcunt) 2: A True Erotical Adventure 3: Fuckclod Crust 4: Vegan Penetration 5: I Erase Your Family 6: Golden Shower 7: Die When You Die 8: Anton, The Son Of Priest 9: Bloody Cunt Fuck 10: Cuntshredder 11: Lex, The Dragonqueen 12: Forever Free 13: Cuntgrinder � My Voodoo Quanga 14: Cannibal Song 15: Chosen One 16: United Forces 17: Fuck The Whores 18: Dildo Megawatt ( Slaytanic Version) 19: Frau Braunn (Fallen In Love) Line Up: Vocals � Kuno Guitars � Hippi Bass � Stefan Drums - Ronny
Cuntgrinder - Reign Is Continued
74/1001Details ???
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Cuntgrinder
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