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Freya - Lift The Curse
A little less than a year ago I spoke with Karl Buechner of the legendary Earth Crisis, when he was in Holland with his Path Of Resistance project. At that time he already pointed this album out to me. He told me it would blow everybody away with massive riffs and intense drumming.  Lift The Curse is the second album of Freya who exists, alongside Karl Buechner, of three more ex-members of Earth Crisis (Bulldog, Erick Edwards and Dennis Merrick) and Ethan D Henry.
Well the question is of course, does this album blow you away? First of all I must say that anybody who expects any sort of hardcore album; don’t get this one. But for everybody who is into heavy music this could be good. Starting with ‘Threads Of Life’ they immediately show that Freya is much more then a plain hardcore band. With riffs that easily could have been on Killswitch Engage’s Alive Or Just Breathing and vocals that are both brutal and melodic.
If you compare this album to their previous material it’s pretty obvious the band musically went into another direction but that’s probably no ones concern. Especially when I listen to ‘Lift The Curse’, ‘Threads Of Life’ and ‘Lilith’ I would say that Freya is on the right track to becoming widely known.
Overall Freya created a great album with enough melody so it won’t get boring and enough heaviness to kick ass, but as on most albums there are a few minor setbacks. For example the cover ‘Warpigs’ from Black Sabbath doesn’t add anything to the rest of the album and the intro of ‘Down To The Last’ looks a lot like ‘Nothing Remains’ from Chimaira. Besides that, the total playing time is almost half an hour which is way too short for such a great album like this.
Freya - Lift The Curse
85/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Jan 23rd, 2007

Writer @Niamen on Saturday Feb 10th, 2007

Tags: #Freya
Tracklisting 1. Threads Of Life
2. Suffer Not One
3. Only The Martyrs
4. Down To The Last
5. Lift The Curse
6. Alleviate
7. Lillith
8. Through The Eyes Of The Angel Of Death
9. Born In Blood
10. War Pigs
Line up Karl Buechner - Vocals
Erick Edwards - Guitar
Bulldog - Guitar
Ethan �. Henry - Bass
Dennis Merrick - Drums
Born From Pain, Sworn Enemy, Freya, Lionheart - Hatewear European Tour 2009
Born From Pain, Sworn Enemy, Freya, Lionheart - Hatewear European Tour 2009