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Insicknia - Now Entering...
Insicknia hails from Denmark and they started out in 1995. In the following years they tried to establish a stable line-up and create their debut full length record which now lies before me; Now Entering… Insicknia.
Well despite that I find them to have a dumb bandname, there is a thought behind it. It’s the name of a fictive country where, and I quote; ‘war, lies and betrayal form the pillars of a society created to please one individual – The Dictator.’ Doesn’t sound that fictive to me, but whatever. Now you know the lyrical theme, but what about the music.
Metalcore. A genre that by now is almost dead an buried because of a constant flow of new bands trying to do the same thing as everybody else. There are those that still succeed in adding something original and giving it their own sound, but there are also those that just copy of their heroes. And then there are those that recreate crappy versions of their idols’ work. Insicknia surfaces between the latter two. Sometimes it’s above average, and sometimes it’s beneath average. Exciting? Never. Boring? Most of the times. The songwriting isn’t on a high level at all, and vocally there are some things that made me scratch my head wondering why the hell they put it on the album. The guy does have a sound of his own, but I don’t like his melodramatic screaming.
The sound seems to be out of balance a lot too, mainly the drums come forward too much too often, but since this is a self produced and self financed release I will not think less of them because of this. It’s just that the songs offer zero originality and a sound that might be called their own, but it doesn’t really get people going I think. Perhaps with the next release they will prove me wrong, because I do sense a little potential here and there.
Insicknia - Now Entering...
55/1001Details Independant
Released on Sunday Mar 12th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Feb 10th, 2007

Tags: #Insicknia
Tracklisting 1. Introducing: Pain
2. Inherited Failure
3. None Divine
4. Lesson One
5. Ultimate Entertainment
6. Epitaph
7. Every Waking Second
8. Prophets Of The Burning Bush
9. Come Death, Come Swift
10. Sociļæ½tic Disorder
11. Glad To Know Nothing
Line up Allan Soerensen - Guitar
Steen Knudsen - Vocals
Anders Hoest - Guitar
Marco Krockert - Bass
Christian Mindedahl - Drums