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The Fall Of Every Season - From Below
The Fall Of Every Season, well that sounded like doom metal to me. And I was right. This one man project was founded in 2004 by Marius Strand. At the beginning he was experimenting with a calm and melancholic sound, but after a while it became more brutal. And here is the result: From Below.
When I started to listen to metal, I didn’t take much time to discover doom metal. There were some bands I really liked, and I still do, but the genre never was one of my favourites. Lately I’m listening some more doom and then I received From Below. If I would have got this record about 2 years ago I wouldn’t have liked it. But it came at the right time.
The record contains just 5 songs, but it has a total playing time of 47:48, and that is how it should be in doom metal in my opinion. The first track ‘From Below’ goes on for about 12 minutes. In these 12 minutes you will hear a nice variety of ‘doomness’. Off course there are the very dark passages with some nice deep grunts, but there are also some great acoustic parts with clean vocals. ‘Sisyphean’ is a completely different song. No grunts, no electric guitars (well, there is once, for a solo), just some acoustic guitars, a piano and some meditative vocals that get you in a dream world far away from here. Really a great song.
‘The Triumphant Beast’ has the same recipe as ‘From Below’ but with one difference, the tempo is a bit higher. Again a great song with a lot of passion and melancholy.
‘Escape Of The Dove’ is also a short song with no real doom elements, but it is nonetheless a great song with a great ambience.
‘Her Withering Petals’, which is the last song completes the record with again a strong long doom song.
Mostly I cannot listen to a complete doom album, but because of the fact Marius balanced the doom songs with the acoustic songs, which sound a little like singer/songwriter songs to me, it got my attention throughout the album. With a mix of some good songs and a good production that fits the ambience very well Marius created a fine piece of art.
The Fall Of Every Season - From Below
80/1001Details Aftermath Music
Released on Sunday Dec 31st, 2006
Progressive doom metal

Writer @Arcane on Monday Feb 12th, 2007

Tags: #The Fall Of Every Season
Tracklisting 1. From Below
2. Sisyphean
3. The Triumphant Beast
4. Escape Of The Dove
5. Her Withering Petals
Line up Marious Strand - Everything