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Koritni - Lady Luck
The king is dead long live the heirs! Well, in this case the king isn’t dead yet, but their heirs are already claiming the throne. Koritni, an Australian-French outfit, claims in their biography to be the true heirs of AC/DC. Now it sure takes a lot of guts to compare you with the rockers from down under. Your overconfidence could be your weakness. And for a debut album you should see to it that you don’t fly to close too the sun. You just might burn your wings and fall down. Even if your album is called Lady Luck.
Well, let’s put on the album and hear how lucky we are with this lady. Appropriately or egocentrically the band takes its name from their singer Lex Koritni. He encountered success with his previous band Green Dollar Colour. Not satisfied with the musicians in that band he decided to form this new group.
According to their biography sheet they have also been compared to Aerosmith. But as soon as singer Lex Koritni opens up his mouth, to me he sounds more like Skid Row’s original vocalist Sebastian Bach. Instrumentally speaking opening track ‘Red Light Joint’ really does remind me of AC/DC. Not a bad track but I wouldn’t have chosen this for the opening track. Instead my pick would definitely be ‘Never Say Goodbye’. This one has a certain single-like quality and it wouldn’t do bad in the charts.

All songs on this album constantly remind me of songs from other bands. Every track gives me a certain déjà vu feeling. Haven’t I heard this riff somewhere else before? Isn’t this a riff from that one AC/DC song on Powerage? Or isn’t this a riff from Aerosmith? It is always on the tip of your tongue. It slowly becomes a game of guess-the-riff-and-the-band-that-goes-with-it. But it is a good game and I like to play it more than once. Because Lady Luck is on my side and I like her a lot.
Koritni - Lady Luck
80/1001Details Bad Reputation
Released on Monday Jan 29th, 2007

Writer @Angel on Wednesday Feb 14th, 2007

Tags: #Koritni
Tracklisting 1. Red Light Joint
2. Under The Overpass
3. Heaven Again
4. Highway Dream
5. Never Say Goodbye
6. Sick Again
7. Not Your Man
8. I See The Light
9. Starving Fast
10. Lady Luck
11. Got To Get You Into My Life
12. Ain't No Love Song
Line up Lex Koritni - Vocals
Luke Cuerden - Guitars
Eddy Santecreu - Guitars
Chris Brown - Drums
Matt Hunter - Bass