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Forest Silence - Philosophy Of winter
Years ago I discovered the Hungarian black metal band Sear Bliss. A band I really like. The mix of black metal with trumpets made a huge impression on me. Now one of the members released the first full-length album by his own project called Forest Silence.
When I saw the name Forest Silence in the list of albums that had to be reviewed, I had shivers on my back. The name reminded me of Fear Of Eternity for some reason. I guess it’s because of the crappy names. My opinion of Fear Of Eternity’s last album can be read here. So you can imagine I wasn’t thrilled to review this one. But then I remembered I told myself not to have any prejudices about band names.
It appeared as some good thinking, because when the first notes came out of my speakers I fell in love with this band. It immediately begins with some very strong and catchy riffs. But there is something strange I noticed at the beginning of the song. Sometimes I hear these Super Mario like ‘plings’, like Mario catches a coin. First I thought it came from my cell phone. But I heard it every time. I like it anyway. The song has a very strong and dark atmosphere.
‘Spirits Of The Winds’ has the same formula, although it is a little more psychedelic and it has no up-tempo parts. But in the third song, fast parts are back, which I really enjoy. And the same can be said about the next song. In ‘Philosophy Of Winter’ , the darkness really takes over. This song is full of it. It really sounds very sinister and hateful. It gives me the feeling wintersports are not very common in Hungary.
Five awesome songs with a very good production that fits the music very well, makes this album a must have for every black metal fan.
Forest Silence - Philosophy Of winter
85/1001Details Candlelight Records
Released on Monday Feb 19th, 2007
Melodic Black Metal

Writer @Arcane on Wednesday Feb 21st, 2007

Tags: #Forest Silence
Tracklisting 1. Bringer Of Storm
2. Spirits Of The Winds
3. At The Dawning Of Chaos
4. Path Of Destruction
5. Philosophy Of Winter
Line up Winter - ?
? -?