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The Heartburns - Fucked Up In A Bad Way
Every now and then you run in to an album or band that just gives you that extra kick in the head. I’d never heard of The Heatburns before but according to their bio they are one of the next big things in their home country. The Heatburns was formed in 2001 in Turku, Finland. Along the way several EP’s were recorded and finally they're up to their first full length album.
Immediately after the first tones I got blown away by the sound of this band: Short powerful and melodic riffs along with typical punkrock vocals. It’s almost impossible to remain seated during this album. Songs like ‘Without You Life Is Hell’, ‘Thinking About You’ and ‘I Hate Every Thing’ are some examples of typical punkrock in the style of The Ramones, Sham 69 and Dead Boys.
The only problem with this kind of bands is often that after 5 songs it tends to get a bit boring because all songs are like this. It’s just a bit like a train ride, in the beginning it’s all new and great but after a while it becomes normal. The Heartburns isn’t an exception to this problem but considering that this album lasts for less than 20 minutes you probably won’t get bored before you reach the end of the album.
Fucked Up In A Bad Way is a great album but it is just way too short, the total playing time for this album is less than 20 minutes, especially considering this is their debut album. The problem is that no one is going to spend their hard earned money for an album that doesn’t last for 20 minutes. No matter how great the music or the band is. As for The Heartburns, I hope the next album will contain much more material than this one. As for the fans, if you run into this album during a sale or something like that, just take it with you because it really is a great album.
The Heartburns - Fucked Up In A Bad Way
79/1001Details Full House Records
Released on Friday Oct 13th, 2006

Writer @Niamen on Wednesday Feb 21st, 2007

Tags: #The Heartburns
Tracklisting 01. I Wanna O.D
02. Without You Life Is Hell
03. Something More Than This
04. Fucked Up And Down
05. Thinkin' 'bout You
06. I Hate Everything
07. Got Nothin' To Prove
08. Ain't Got A Thing
09. Outta Here
10. Take Me To The Hospital
Line up Middle Finger Seemu - Vocals
Ratt Poison - Guitar
HC - Guitar
Lee Destro - Bass
Ray Mafia - Drums