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Lunar Aurora - Andacht
Lunar Aurora, yet another band I’ve never heard of. The name rang a bell though. When I checked their discography I saw why I must have heard about this band. It includes about 10 albums/demo’s and E.P.’s. Then it must be the right time to discover their music now.
Andacht is the 8th full-length album by this German band which was founded in 1994. Lunar Aurora plays black metal with a very mysterious touch.
The first song, ‘Glück’ (which means ‘luck’ in English), begins with a with a nice dark intro, with some Gregorian like choirs on the background. The sounds are a little hard to describe, but it would do very well in a horror movie. And that is exactly how I imagine this intro. When I close my eyes, I see a dark person/being watching some monks, walking in a church garden, through some holes in a wall. Ready to slay them. Sounds like a horror movie, doesn’t it? After the ‘horror’ intro it’s time for some metal. A Satyricon-/ Carpathian Forest- like riff takes over. Combined with some synths on the background and some vague sounding vocals and choirs, Lunar Aurora really creates an awesome ominous ambience. Some acoustic guitars are used as well which fits pretty well in this dark song.
How else should a song with a title like ‘Geisterschiff’ (Ghostship) begin? A creaking mast, a heavy wind and a stormy ocean. A little cliché, but I think it fits the theme and the music very well. The song also has some nice strong and melodic riffs. With the sounds of  an empty ship in a stormy ocean combined with the sinister sounding music these guys really succeed in dragging the listener into a nice epic tale.
These guys love sinister intro’s and creepy sounds. ‘Dunkler Mann’  (Dark Man) is a real tremendous song. A strange sound is used for some kind of pulse, which sounds very creepy. This song also has some very nice aggressive blast parts, I really love it.
Why should I tell you about the other songs? They all have the same recipe. Extremely good songs, with a lot of variation, great riffs, creepy vocals and sinister sounds creating a very gloomy ambience.
Awesome songs, a very nice production…. This really is a must have for black metal fans!
Lunar Aurora - Andacht
95/1001Details Cold Dimensions
Released on Thursday Feb 8th, 2007
Black Metal

Writer @Arcane on Wednesday Feb 28th, 2007

Tags: #Lunar Aurora
Tracklisting 1. Gl�ck
2. Geisterschiff
3. Dunkler Mann
4. Findling
5. Der Pakt
6. Das Ende
Line up Aran – guitars, voice, soundescapes
Sindar – bass guitar, voice, keyboards, programming
Skoarth – Session guitars