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Borknagar - Origin
I can’t imagine any black metal or folk metal fan is unknown with this band. A band combining black metal with folk with some awesome vocals by Simen Hestnæs (aka Vortex) and later by Andreas Hedlund (aka Vintersorg). Yes I’m talking about Borknagar.
Borknagar was founded in 1995 and made some awesome records like Quintessence and Epic. Masterbrain Øystein G. Brun always wrote the songs on an acoustic guitar, so the songs would sound organic.
After all these heavy albums Borknagar now released Origin, an album with an appropriate title, because it is a complete acoustic album. No more black metal on this one. Just clean vocals, acoustic guitars, some folky instruments, organs, moogs and violins. And although the complete metalpart is absent, it is so obviously Borknagar. It’s not totally different, the song structures are as they used to be. It is just less aggressive, or better, not aggressive at all. This is pure folk.

They even re-recorded one of my favourite songs, ‘Oceans Rise’. Unfortunately I have to say that the original version sounds better. Nonetheless it still is a great sounding piece of art. Although the songs are all quite nice, Origin is not able to hold my attention. But I must say I love ‘White’. A song with some nice dramatic passages.
I like the idea, it’s performed very well, the songs are good, but I still prefer the ‘metal’ Borknagar. Folk fans that usually don’t like black metal should check it out I guess. They might like this one.
Borknagar - Origin
70/1001Details Century Media Records
Released on Monday Oct 30th, 2006

Writer @Arcane on Wednesday Feb 28th, 2007

Tags: #Borknagar
Tracklisting 1. Earth Imagery
2. Grains
3. Oceans Rise
4. Signs
5. White
6. Cynosure
7. The Human Nature
8. Acclimation
9. The Spirit Of Nature
Line up Vintersorg – vocals, choirs and chants
�ystein G. Brun – acoustic, classical and highstring guitars
Lars A. Nedland – piano, keyboards, organs and backing vocals
Asgeir Mickelson – drums