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Waltari - Release Date
Dear God (or Satan or whatever you like to be called),
I know music is your gift to mankind. And especially rock music in all its forms. But tell me how is it possible that people constantly know how to renew this genre? And how is it possible that there are bands like Waltari from Finland who know how to reinvent themselves and come up with great new tunes? Their new album called Release Date is just simply brilliant. And you know God; it is already their 11th album. Still it sounds so fresh like they just released a debut album.
How am I supposed to review this? Opening track 'Get Stamped'  has such a great riff that I immediately want to practice my air guitar. Next track, ‘Big Sleep’, reminds me a little of In Flames, but they soon turn it into their own thing. ‘Cityshamaani’, which is actually a song of 36 minutes long, divided into 5 tracks, never becomes dull. Waltari truly rocks on this one. Do you expect me to actually find something bad about this album?
The sound is great, the songs are adventurous and I’m rapidly running out of superlatives here. Lead singer Kärtsy Hatakka uses his voice in every way possible: singing, grunting, screaming and talking. All that and he also plays bass. I must also mention great guitar playing from both Sami Yli-Sirniö and Jariot Lehtinen and great drumming from Ville Vehviläinen.

I don’t have the power to look into the future my Dark Lord but I have strong gut feeling that this record is definitely the record of the year 2007. And yes, we’re only in February! The use many kinds of musical styles with a modern twist is just truly awesome. The album even has dance music. In some countries in this world you have created, dancing is considered to be a thing of the devil. So I’m guessing that in fact you like to be called the horned one.
Closing track ‘Spokebone’ with Finnish ethno group Värttinä is a great mix of traditional and modern music. There isn’t one single bad track on this album. I defy anybody who isn't charmed by these guys from Finland.
Well, dear God I know you have never answered my many letters, nor did you returned my phone calls. After hearing Waltari I know there must be more between heaven and hell.
Yours sincerely,
Angel Dominguez 
Waltari - Release Date
95/1001Details Dockyard 1
Released on Monday Feb 26th, 2007
Crazy Metalrock

Writer @Angel on Wednesday Feb 28th, 2007

Tags: #Waltari
Tracklisting 1. Get slamped
2. Big sleep
3. Let's puke together

4. Night flight
5. Morning
6. Colgate country
7. The incarnation party
8. Sympathy

9. Hype
10. THD (Lehtinen)
11. Sex in the beergarden
12. Wish I could heal
13. Spokebone
Line up K�rtsy Hatakka - bass / lead vocals / keys / programming
Jariot Lehtinen - guitar / vocals
Sami Yli-Sirni� - guitar / vocals
Ville Vehvil�inen - drums