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Gothic Knights - Up From The Ashes
Founded in 1990, Gothic Knights from Brooklyn have always belonged to the spearhead of the US underground metal-scene. After various line-up changes for various reasons they have finally managed to release their third album through Limb Music. Let�s see what we�ve got here. � Now let me tell you that I absolutely do NOT like power metal at all, but I�ll try to make a good justifiable review. � The album does have some good riffs, sometimes kind of thrash, but the most of it is just the real heavy metal sound. The high vocals seem all right, although they don�t appeal to me at all. They do remind me a bit of the new side project of the vocalist of the Dutch Thin Lizzy tribute band Parris, Chinawhite and the others things he sings in, called Dynamic. The vocals also remind me of James LaBrie a bit. � There are some parts that I like, but when mister Rick Sanchez starts singing again, it all ends in my opinion. Most songs starts out real nice, like the title track �Up From The Ashes� which has a real nice acoustic guitar/solo guitar intro and a cool riff coming after that. But then it becomes appealing only to the power metallers among us. The goes for the track �Vampyre� which has an even cooler riff after the acoustic intro. They do have managed to mix the elegance of classical music with heavy metal, which does deserve some respect. � There even are some songs that remind me of Slayer, like �The Witching Hour� reminding me of� �Dead Skin Mask� I think, or maybe Seasons In The Abyss�, I don�t know. But this track starts out really really cool, but again ends in misery if you�re not into power. There are some tracks about some movies too, namely� �Sleepy Hollow� and �The 13th Warrior�. � Then a conclusion. Hard. But I�ll recommend this album to any power-metal fanatic, because it has some really cool things on it, but in the end I get irritated by the vocals. That�s all I can make of it. � Tracklist: � 1. Power and The Glory�� ����������� 5.35 2. Warrior Of Faith �� ����������� 4.17 3. Down In Flames ����������� 4.15 4. Up From The Ashes� ����������� 5.54 5. Vampyre�������� ����������� ����������� 6.38 6. The Witching Hour ����������� 5.11 7. Sleepy Hollow ����������� 7.02 8. Guardian Angel����������� ����������� 4.43 9. Heaven�s Fire� ����������� ����������� 4.44 10. Dear Queen� ����������� ����������� 6.48 11. The 13th Warrior����������� ����������� 6.14 � Line-up: � Rick Sanchez � Vocals John Tsantakis � Guitar Mario Cosentino � Bass Frank Gilchriest - Drums [i][b]Review By : Demondust[/b][/i]
Gothic Knights - Up From The Ashes
72/1001Details Limb
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Lex on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Gothic Knights
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