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Godhead - The Shadow Line
Doing some research on this band I soon thought that this was a band that played really heavy music. I basically expected a lot of raging anger and the name Godhead kinda strengthened that feeling. But I was wrong, as this turned out to be (just) a rock band. Actually I was kinda ashamed that I didn’t know any music of Godhead yet since this is already their sixth full-length album and they seem to thrive in the scene for years. Well, let’s check out if that success is justified on this album.
Right from the start the band lavished me upon with catchy melodies, sing along choruses and a feeling that I wouldn’t need that much time to get completely into this music. Not that this the best there is in the rock scene, nor is it extremely refreshing, but the thing is that it just rocks because of it’s accessible and catchy songs.
Every now I hear a kind of Seether approach to the music and even a band like Society 1 crossed my mind while listening. Since I also like those bands, I don’t think it needs further explanation that I like Godhead as well. A lot of songs have this particular rock touch to it in a way I like my rock music best. I mean, there’s so much (pop)rock out there nowadays that doesn’t attract me at all! But this is different, heavier yet gentile and melodic. What gives the original twist to this music, is the use of keyboards and programming, which results in somewhat electronic rock sometimes. Though, not too electronic, just the right dose.
Vocal wise there’s nothing extreme on the album. No extreme roars, grunts or screaming, just melodic, clean vocals. And I think there’s nothing wrong with that, ‘cause it simply fits the music. But as I said before, it’s not all that refreshing. It’s just nice rock music that could very well be played as background music as well. I’d describe it as a kind of Industrial rock music. Yeah, I think that’ll do! Industrial rock music with a great accessibility.
So, coming back to the justification of Godhead’s success, I would have to say that this album indeed justifies their success. It’s catchy, accessible and certainly convinced me of what this band is about. Although the last three tracks of the album slightly differ from the rest of the songs (in a weak way). Well, what the hell?! If you’re into the likes of Seether, Society 1 or Open Hand I think there’s quite a chance you’ll dig this stuff as well.
Godhead - The Shadow Line
74/1001Details Cement Shoes Records
Released on Sunday Feb 25th, 2007

Writer @Boek on Saturday Mar 3rd, 2007

Tags: #Godhead
Tracklisting 01. Trapped In Your Lies
02. Hey You
03. The Gift
04. Fall Down
05. Push
06. Another Day
07. Once Before
08. Unrequited
09. Through The Cracks
10. Goodbye
11. Your End Of Days
12. Inside Your World
Line up Jason Miller – Vocals, Guitar
Mike Miller – Lead Guitar
Glendon Crain – Drums
Ullrich Hepperlin – Bass, Keyboard, Programming