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Doom Day - Count Your Useless Hours
It all started in December 2005 when Gizz Butt (Prodigy live guitar player, English Dogs, The More I See) and OJ Bader (founder of Superhero Records) decided to record a hardcore album. Along the way several friends were added to the band: Robin Guy who had drummed for several bands (Bruce Dickinson, The Business, Lars Frederiksen), Volkan Türeli (Devil Inside, Jaylan) on bass and Alexander Parvanov (aka Shutta) from Vendetta and Brothers In Blood on vocals.
After a rather meaningless intro the album kicks off with ‘And I Will Walk Alone’ which has some guest vocals of Rick Ta Life (25 Ta Life) who also did the vocal recording of this album. This song is immediately a kick in the face, mainly because of the extra vocals of Rick Ta Life. During the second song there’s another guest vocalist (Mr C) but on the third one Alex proves that he doesn’t need guest vocals to be convincing. Luckily the guest vocalist party isn’t over after this song. Kid D from Ryker’s makes his entrance with ‘Cruel World’ and in the bonustrack section Sal (Sworn Enemy), Bruce (100 Demons) and Burkhard (Hate Squad) are there to scream along.
This album was recorded in several periods and I have the idea that it didn’t turned out that good for Doom Day. I wouldn’t say that the recordings are bad but it’s just that they haven’t the same quality during the album. But on the other hand that really contributes to the roughness of this album and gives it a better atmosphere than it already has.
This album peaks almost from the beginning till the end, especially with the quiet instrumental ‘Angst’ which gives you a break to catch some breath. After this it’s straight forward to the end of the album. Especially songs like ‘And I Will Walk Alone’,  ‘Love Is Dead In Metropolis’, ‘ Sea Of Hate' and ‘Cruel World’ are almost instant classics. So with the names that are mentioned before it’s pretty obvious this album wouldn’t be bad but that it would turn out this good was a surprise for me. I can predict that this album will get a place in my year list of 2007. The only thing I hope for is a tour throughout Europe.
Doom Day - Count Your Useless Hours
95/1001Details Swell Creek Records
Released on Friday Feb 23rd, 2007

Writer @Niamen on Saturday Mar 3rd, 2007

Tags: #Doom Day
Tracklisting 1. Intro
2. And I Will Walk Alone (feat. Rick Ta Life)
3. Love Is Dead In Metropolis (feat. Mr. C)
4. Doom Day
5. Sea Of Hate
6. Angst
7. The Storm Is Comin
8. Die Tonight
9. Cruel World (feat. Kid D)
10. What Rule Havent You Broken
11. Ban On Impurity
12. Dalga
13. The Storm Is Comin (feat. Bruce and Sal)
14. Love Is Dead In Metropolis (alternative Version)
15. Doom Day (feat. Alex)
16. Ban On Impurity (feat Burkhard)
Line up Alexander "Shutta" Parvanov - Vocals
Gizz Butt - Guitars
Volcan Audiocleaner - Bass
Robin Guy - Drums