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The Grit - Shall We Dine?
Having toured with bands such as Tiger Army, Deadline and King Kurt last year, The Grit is now ready to do it all by themselves. With this new release they unveil an album full of psychobilly/punk music upon the world which guarantees a good portion of party music!
Normally I’m not a big fan of this kind of music but once in a while I can definitely appreciate this stuff. The only way to really enjoy this party music though, is to grab yourself a beer and enjoy the jolly sing-along choruses without being too critical towards the music’s originality.
Of course the regular ‘oi’s’ and ‘oooh-heee-oooh’s- pass by throughout the album but the good thing is that The Grit actually managed to make this album quite diverse. Contrary to what I expected - an extremely predictable album – I got an album full of happy yet diverse songs. Lots of catchy tunes get thrown out of my speakers and occasionally even some reggae-like rhythms come along as well. For example the song ‘Mr. Minto’ is based on such a rhythm.
Another good thing about the music is the constant change of tempos. It’s not just up-tempo rage. Sometimes it could even be called subtle. Which is great of course, since most albums with this kind of party music follow a continuous structure of basically the same songs played slightly different every time. Normally an album full of this music that lasts for more than an hour would be way too long for me to keep me concentrated. The Grit though, managed to create an album that keeps me concentrated throughout the entire album. That’s definitely worth a compliment!
All in all I’m pleasantly surprised by this band and I’m sure that if you were into this kind of party music before, The Grit will be a welcome addition to your personal roster of favorites. Oh, and if you wanna check this stuff out live, be sure to check out our tour guide for the (five) Dutch dates.
The Grit - Shall We Dine?
73/1001Details People Like You Records
Released on Monday Mar 26th, 2007

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Mar 6th, 2007

Tags: #The Grit
Tracklisting 01. The Ones
02. Love Thy Neighbour
03. Misery
04. Mayday
05. Fear And Consumption
06. I Came Out The Womb An Angry Cunt
07. Stuck In Streatham
08. A Geordies Song
09. Execution
10. Surrender
11. No Grit
12. Mr. Minto
13. Not Gonna Get Me Our Of Here
14. Whoever You Are
+ secret track
Line up Big Lou – Vocals, Guitar
Louis Ville – Guitar, Vocals
Little Man Kurt – Double Bass, E Bass, Vocals
Gaff – Drums, Vocals