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Nightrage - A New Disease is Born
Nightrage was founded in 2000 by Marios Iliopoulos (ex –Exhumation) and Gus G. (Firewind, Mystic Prophecy, ex -Dream Evil), later joined by Thomas Lindberg (ex -At The Gates, ex -The Crown) on vocals. After their previous album Gus and Lindberg both left the band so Nightrage had to find some new members, lets see how this influenced the sound of their melodic death metal.
On vocals, the until now unknown, Jimmie Strimell has taken over duties, whose sound is very much in line with that of Lindberg. At first I almost couldn’t tell the difference between the screaming of the two guys, but Strimell succeeds to give the music more melodic depth. In the chorus of opening song ‘Spiral’ this is done wonderfully; the combination of screams and clean vocals give the music a much more dramatic feel. Strimell definitely shows to be a worthy acquisition, because he made Nightrage’s sound more versatile.
So, Strimell seems to be a good addition to the team…but wait a minute! What are those horrible Ill Nino-like, boring, uninspiring clean vocals in ‘Scars of Tomorrow’!? This definitely gets a high score at the ‘puke-scale’. It really detracts the rough feeling of the band, but this singing style is fortunately only used sporadically and most of the time Strimell uses his sincere clean voice.
Overall the sound of Nightrage has become more melodic. More than ever they sound very much like In Flames at the time of the Reroute to Remain record, which is a positive comparison but also says much about the level of originality of Nightrage. The melodic themes of the songs are very strong; the beautiful solos and some clean guitars add a real sincere feeling of drama to the whole while there are enough aggressive riffs to prevent it from becoming gay. A New Disease is Born really has the same great sensitive touch of Reroute to Remain, but as said: concerning originality this is also a weak point.
When this album reached its end I enjoyed a fine piece of melodic death metal, forgiving some of the horrible clean vocals, but due to the high copy grade it hasn’t got a long life expectancy.
Nightrage - A New Disease is Born
77/1001Details Life Force
Released on Monday Mar 12th, 2007
Melodic Death Metal

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Tuesday Mar 6th, 2007

Tags: #Nightrage
Tracklisting 1. Spiral 04:39
2. Reconcile 04:25
3. Death-Like Silence 04:36
4. A Condemned Club 03:45
5. Scars 03:39
6. De-Fame 02:52
7. Scathing 04:36
8. Surge of Pity 04:12
9. Encircle 03:34
10. Drone 03:23
11. Spiritual Impulse 03:33
12. A New Disease is Born (Instrumental) 02:58
13. Ostentatious*
*Bonus track for Japan
Line up Jimmie Strimell - Vocals
Marios Iliopoulos - Guitar
Henric Carlsson - Bass
Alex Svenningson - Drums