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Ajdath - Triangle Of Death
Ajdath is a band formed in 1995 by Omar Kilani in the Arabian desert country Jordan. A few years later, Kilani moved to Poland where he found some Polish musicians to continue his band. After recording a demo and several more line-up changes, Ajdath established themselves as quite a big name in the Arabian metalscene. They signed a contract with Mute Records in 2006 on which they now released their debut album Triangle Of Death.

This mini-cd features six tracks including an instrumental intermezzo. This means that there are five tracks left, 18 minutes of pure brutallity! Ajdath plays death metal in-your-face without any recess, except for the instrumental track I mentioned. The riffs are certainly not original but they are fast and grooving, good enough for the style they play on this record. Most of the parts are without vocals, and I don’t even know if Kilani wrote lyrics, cause when he opens his mouth he’s just unitelligible grunting very low. Also their drummer is pretty fast: snarestrokes and pounding doublebass drums are going on and on. It’s a pity that the snaredrum and the cymbals sound a little too loud though, but this goes for the whole album. All instruments should have been equalized a little bit more.

I’m not sure if I give Triangle Of Death anymore playtime. However, I’m pretty sure to check out their next work. They can become an interesting band if they succeed in producing their next effort a bit tighter and more balanced. This, of course not instead of their speed..! Triangle Of Death is an okay debut, die-hard death metal fans should check it out. I guess I prefer this one more in clubs than in my cd-player.
Ajdath - Triangle Of Death
72/1001Details Mute Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 28th, 2006
Death Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Tuesday Mar 6th, 2007

Tags: #Ajdath
Tracklisting 01. Triangle Of Death
02. Wrath Of Babel
03. Intifada
04. No War No Peace
05. Before The War (Instrumental)
06. The Perfect Race
Line up Omar Kilani – Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass
Daniel - Guitar
Bartek - Drums