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Pofony - Cure Of Another Kind
So what do you do when you are a band that plays a decent mix of Swedish death metal and modern thrash but you just can’t find a label to release your album? Well, you record a self-financed album and put it online in its entirety, available for free download. There you go! You just read the story of Pofony in a nutshell.
Pofony plays a mixture of modern thrash and Swedish death metal that sometimes tends to being close to metalcore as well. Although their music is pretty heavy it unfortunately isn’t always that convincing. It’s like I miss that last bit of power to really blow me away. The good thing about this band is that it sometimes reminds me of Soilwork. For example in ‘Jaded’', here you can hear the same kind of approach Soilwork uses in ‘Black Star Deceiver’, which I really like!
Sometimes there’s also space for some melodic vocals but unfortunately those parts do not sound that strong. Especially compared with the screams they sound a bit thin. Besides the not so overwhelming impression, the melodic vocals are kinda annoying because of their whining sound. They certainly don’t add anything valuable to the album! Fortunately those parts can’t be heard on a regular basis so when you’re a little open minded you can probably see through those parts.
I think it’s quite a decent album that can definitely appeal to the average metalhead out there. Its death/thrash metal is combined with the right dose of melody although the melodic parts itself aren’t that strong. It just feels like I’m missing that one ingredient that makes this band really worth it. However, with some changes here and there I think this band is definitely ready to get signed by a record label.
All in all I think these guys did a great job on posting the entire album online, especially because they also put the artwork and lyrics online, giving everyone interested the opportunity to get a complete copy of their own in a legal way. So, if there’s only a tiny bit of interest from your side, just go to and download the album. It’s for free for f*ck sake! (Hey, I’m Dutch!)
Pofony - Cure Of Another Kind
70/1001Details Independent
Released on Tuesday Nov 21st, 2006
Death/Modern Thrash Metal

Writer @Boek on Thursday Mar 8th, 2007

Tags: #Pofony
Tracklisting 01. Breather
02. Departure
03. Blade
04. Myth Of Blooming
05. Start Counting
06. Grave
07. Wolves
08. Fostering To Eradictate
09. Reverence (interlude)
10. Jaded
Line up Jani Ala-Hukkala – Vocals
Teemu Leinonen – Bass
Pekko M�r� – Guitar
Janne Putkisaari – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kari Ruissalo – Drums