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Amok - Necrospiritual Deathcore
It is quite weird that I always end up with the last album in the queue. Well, it is my own fault, but I do not regret it. You may end up with something rather extraordinary. Amok created an album called Necrospiritual Deathcore, which I’m going to review. This band from Norway started out in 2000 and released some stuff. They did a split album with another great Norwegian black metal band (Taake) and that’s about it what I recognize. That was the first thing I thought when I received this album and listened to it in the car and skimmed the biography. After some research at home, I found out that the vocalist is the one of Aborym. I also found out that their bassplayer is nobody less than Iscariah, the former bass player of Immortal. That made it somewhat more interesting!  
Well, this album is in one word extraordinary. Why? I found the first track rather boring actually. The riffs are cool, but the sound is way too monotone. I thought that I got myself another exercise of blast beats with screams, but that idea totally changed with the next songs! It seemed that this band thought: let’s put the shitty song in front and blast them over with the rest. Well, after listening this album again after some time, I was surprised that even the first song, ‘Necropsy Cunt’, caught my attention. 

You might get frightened by the extremely raw production of this album. For instance, the drums sound like metal plates and beer kegs. The music is not your typical black metal, as you will hear instantly when you start listening this album. It’s full-packed with death metal, thrash and grindcore influences, like in the eighties. It does sound a little bit like Master. The death/grind influences are found back in the song ‘Effective Mass-Torture’, which really reminded me of the old Napalm Death.
This album is full of surprises and definitely qualifies to be a nice album. I’m not really overthrown by it, but nevertheless I still enjoyed the riffs and raw production. I would definitely recommend this to people who are interested in unusual black metal. 
Amok - Necrospiritual Deathcore
83/1001Details Planet Satan Revolution
Released on Saturday Jan 20th, 2007

Writer @Mat-Core on Monday Mar 12th, 2007

Tags: #Amok
Tracklisting 1: Necropsy Cunt
2: Geitehelvete
3: Channelling Black Horns
4: Effective Mass-Torture
5: Organ Ejaculator
6: Providentialism
7: Postapokalyptisk Korstog
8: Goatflesh Removal (Corpus Christi)
9: Goatflesh Removal (Memento Mori)
10: Goatflesh Removal (Gloria In Excelsis Deo)
Line up Vocals - Necrocum
Rhythm/Lead Guitars - Goatpromoter Lava
Bass - Iscariah
Drums - Stanley