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Jesus On Extasy - Holy Beauty
Here’s the deal: if you’re into Marilyn Manson, stop reading and buy this album! If you’re not, you can stop reading as well! Ok, ok, for those who are into MM, please keep on reading otherwise I wrote this review for no good reason at all.
I am serious when I’m telling you that Jesus On Extasy is one of the best Marilyn Manson clones ever. I gotta admit that I haven’t heard many others performing this kind of industrial rock/metal but I do know for sure that vocalist Dorian Deveraux probably stole Marilyn Manson’s vocal chords and capabilities. Jesus Christ (On Extasy) man! If JOE is ever supporting Marilyn Manson on tour, please be aware of the fact that you’re probably gonna witness the same act twice!
So, does all this mean that this copycat from Germany is bad? Not exactly. The music isn’t necessarily bad because it’s basically a rip-off of Mr. Antichrist himself but more because of its poppy sound. It has this kind of danceable vibe to it which kinda distracts you from the fact that this music falls under the moniker of “metal”. Besides that, every now and then it seems like the vocals sound a bit forced. For example in the track ‘2nd Skin’, it really seems like the vocalist doesn’t the reach the somewhat higher and more powerful notes.
Well, what else can I say? I guess you all know what this music must sound like. If not, think lots of electronics, synths and programming combined with industrial pop/rock music. Let’s just state that this is the (too) danceable side of metal. Although I like some of the songs on this album I’m not sure whether this is something I could easily listen to a lot. Unfortunately Jesus On Extasy just doesn’t come up with very original music. There are some catchy tunes on this disc but all in all it’s nothing more than a pop-version of Marilyn Manson.
Jesus On Extasy - Holy Beauty
63/1001Details Drakkar
Released on Friday Mar 30th, 2007
Industrial Poprock

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Mar 13th, 2007

Tags: #Jesus On Extasy
Tracklisting 01. Assassinate Me
02. Nuclear Bitch
03. Drowning
04. Neochrome
05. 2nd Skin
06. Alone
07. Puppet
08. Holy Beauty
09. Nowhere Girl
10. Reach Out
11. Assassinate Me (KMFDM rmx)
Line up Dorian Deveraux – Vocal X-tasy, Guitar, Keyboard, Samples
Chai – Six-string X-tasy, Backing Vocals, Synths, Programming
Alicia Vayne – Sinfully Attractive Guitar X-tasy
Ophelia Dax – Synthetic X-tasy