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Thee Merry Widows - Revenge Served Cold
Wow, an all-girl psychobilly band, must be a wet dream for some punkrockers on this planet. Personally at first glance I would have sex with two of Thee Merry Widows, but considering they’re in a rock band, they’re probably chicks with balls, and I don’t know if MY balls can handle that. Well, let us just check out this titty-infested album called Revenge Served Cold.
It’s actually their first full length album, after one EP and appearing on some compilations albums. Now I like a good dose of psychobilly, especially since the last release of The Meteors frontman P Paul Fenech, that stuff rocks! But I can’t seem to find the same quality on this record though. There are some parts that I like, and there are some parts that I don’t like. The album seems to be lacking some consistency, because not all the tracks have the same level of quality. This is too bad I think.
Now the production is pretty nice, so I can’t blame anybody in that department. Basically the songwriting isn’t that exciting, and Miss Eva von Slut’s vocals aren’t really turning me on (and neither is her size, well except for that in her bra). Now the fact that an upright bass is present makes me like the music a bit more again (I would like to see Nikki Nightbreed plucking those strings some time!) because I like the sound of it a lot, being a bass player myself. But for the rest of the album I can’t really mention anything special.
So if you’re one horny son-of-a-bitch into psychobilly rock ‘n’ roll, you’ve found your new favourite band. But if you’re really looking for something outstanding in the scene, you can probably let this one pass. It can’t hurt to give it a try though.
Thee Merry Widows - Revenge Served Cold
66/1001Details People Like You Records
Released on Monday Mar 26th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Mar 17th, 2007

Tags: #Thee Merry Widows
Tracklisting 1. Aileen
2. The Curse
3. Cruel Mistress
4. Revenge
5. All Of Them Witches
6. Black Widows
7. Deadly Kiss
8. Girl Assassins
9. Grave Robbers (From Outer Space)
10. The Fatal Dose (Bonus Track)
11. Fetish Queen (Bonus Track)
12. Holy Hack Jack
13. Talk Shit, Spit Blood
14. Suicide Ride (Bonus Track)
Line up Miss Eva von Slut - vocals/theremin/broken bottles
Nikki Nightbreed - upright bass
Andrea - drums
Mistress Mandy - rhythm guitar
Nishone - lead guitar