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Decaying Form - Chronicles of Decimation
In a review of this first full length record from Decaying Form it was said that you must be open to changes relating to technology in the future of death metal. This made me curious, but it turned out to be a big disappointment.
First of all the double bass has an awful high pitched trigger sound. When you listen to this record for a while you get pretty much used to it, but what only starts to annoy more and more during the listening to this album, is the thin and digital sound of the guitars. No, the use of technology definitely hasn’t got a surplus value in this way and when this would be the future of death metal I’d rather kill myself.
Musically I would say that Disgorge is a big influence of Decaying Form; they try to approach the same brutality of this band, but Decaying Form really can’t get the adrenaline pumping through my veins. Also the many tempo variations en technical fireworks won’t do the trick, although these are the strongest aspects of the band. If the production was thicker I’m sure these aspects would come out much better, but with this production I get really tired of listening to Chronicles of Decimation. Grunt-wise there’s nothing special and the absence of a bass player is a big miss on this record.
If you’re looking for the future sound of death metal try looking somewhere else, because there’s nothing groundbreaking on Chronicles of Decimation and the production ruins the adrenaline level which otherwise would be at a reasonable height. 
Decaying Form - Chronicles of Decimation
45/1001Details Dan's Crypt Records
Released on Sunday Sep 17th, 2006
Technical Brutal Death Metal

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Saturday Mar 17th, 2007

Tags: #Decaying Form
Tracklisting 1. Putridity In Disarray: With Ruin Comes Rotting
2. Feeding Organism: Corporal Beings Engulfed
3. Necrotic Consumption: Disgorging The Remnants
4. Devouring The Infestations: Emasculating Self-Immunity
5. Exhumed Monolith: Mounds Of Human Decomposition
6. Vivisection Of Gods: Image Of Man Disemboweled
7. Immolated Desecrations: The Repugnant Seed
8. Re-Decapitation: Cycle Of Extermination
9. Purulent Secretions: Pus Spewing From Syphilitic Spores
10. Worming Existence: A Masticating Monstrosity

Line up Linton Tuleja - Drums
Tom Pryer - Vocals and Guitar