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Soon - Under The Wire
It was a few weeks ago when I spoke with Enzo from Soon. They played a show in my hometown Den Bosch and rocked the place out. A few years ago Marc Nolte from Face Tomorrow introduced me to Soon. He gave me their debut Please Accelerate which totally rocks! That night Enzo gave me their second full length, Under The Wire, which totally rocks as well!
Those who know Soon will agree with me when I say they’re pretty characteristic of sound. Not only because of Enzo’s unique voice. They’ve got an own style of playing. For example, the drums contain only off straight patterns and themes. That is significant for their sound and so you’ll hear that back on both records. Still, there’s a different between Please Accelerate and Under The Wire.
I’d say Under The Wire is more mature compared to Please Accelerate. I’d say it’s more dynamic and more diverse. When I listen to Under The Wire I feel that they’ve created more balance in their music. It became more subtle and defined. For example, ‘Everything’s Ruined’  is an up-tempo song where you hear their engine running. But it’s not roaring as it runs just real smooth.
Though they’ve kept their own sound, they did proceed in it. With songs like ‘Promise To Die Young’  Soon surprised me (in a positive way!). This could be a soundtrack for some post-modern Tom Cruise Minority Report like movie. But it’s still all Soon we’re hearing!
In my eyes it looks like Soon took their debut-title literally. They accelerated into the next musical gear and came back with Under The Wire. As we’re two years further now I hope they also accelerated in the writing process. However, I’m sure it’s worth waiting for.
Soon - Under The Wire
85/1001Details Funtime Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 8th, 2005

Writer @Maurits on Sunday Mar 18th, 2007

Tags: #Soon
Tracklisting 1. Anchorage
2. A Million To One
3. Everything's Ruined
4. Secrets (Turn On The Lie Detector)
5. Promise To Die Young
6. Serenade The City
7. High On Irony
8. Under The Wire
9. Vapour Trails
10. Lampedusa
Line up Enzo Cloetens : vocals
Christophe Vandewoude : guitars
Ga�tan Vandewoude : guitars
Johan De Coster : drums
Christophe Van Dender : bass