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Ill Fares The Land - Nonentity
Yesterday I received the package by post and in it was the new Nonentity MCD by Ill Fares The Land. After an overwhelming demotape called Souls Aground The Reefs Of Sin they finally made a cd version with 6 brand new songs. The MCD starts with a very powerful song called The Defeated Prophecy, and IFTL seems not to care about intro's as the heavyness of the song instantly blasts out of the speakers. I'm glad to hear that IFTL only improved since their demo and I sense more maturity in the song structure. Second song is called Insufferable Insolence and just as the other songs it's a very destructive song and this is why I like Death Metal. The drums have also improved a lot and I hope that they can produce the same sound live, because some bands don't seem to uphold their high standards when they play live. IFTL doesn't care about political or religious issues but instead just plays decent and destroying Death Metal in Krisiun/Rebaelliun style. Third song on the album is Worlds Beyond The Grave, another good song, but it somehow doesn't give me the feeling as I got with the earlier played songs. But the chorus is very nice though. Signs Proclaiming Apocalypse starts with a very cool guitar riff and the bass/drum couple sounds very straight forward. Precisely as Death Metal has to be played. This is certainly one of the better songs of the MCD. Ages Of Chaos follows after the high quality song Signs Proclaiming Apocalypse and it's just another great song, ( nice drumwork!!!) Devouring The Soul is the last song on this short album ( It's a MCD though), giving it a great end because this is a typical song which sounds very good. If Ill Fares The Land continues this rising line and tries to make an album that tops this MCD they will have a hard job. I'm planning to see this band live soon and if they can convince me with their live repetoire, I dare to say that this band will eventually match their ancestors ( Krisiun, Suffocation and perhaps even Morbid Angel). For now, I give this album 5 points out of 5, but I want to wait for an official score until the new nomination.... If I have to give a mark though, it would be a 9.3 Tracks: 1: The Defeated Prophecy 2: Insufferable Insolence 3: Worlds Beyond The Grave 4: Signs Proclaiming Apocalypse 5: Ages Of Chaos 6: Devouring The Soul Line Up: Bart Put - Guitars Roel Ulenaers - Vocals Filip Du Pont - Bass Jan Bogaerts - Guitars Bart Vanderheyden - Drums Review by Matko
Ill Fares The Land - Nonentity
93/1001Details Uxicon Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Ill Fares The Land
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