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Motherboar - Raise The Death Toll
Motherboar is 99% sure they are the most awesome bad ever. Of course this is said with some sarcasm (I hope), but while reading the rest of the bio my interest is aroused more and more. I must say that I’ve listened to Raise The Death Toll quite often, and while it surely isn’t the most awesome band ever, it’s good stuff for a party.
In their bio a comparison is made with Mastodon, Mötorhead, Clutch and Scissorfight, and I think this is quite accurate. Heavy sludgy stoner riffs, fast hardcore/thrash parts and killer breakdowns that would make sure every glass of beer is raised to the sky. Add some great heavy raw vocals and you’ve got yourself a Motherboar.
The use of rhythmical changes are implemented in the music very well, they don’t disturb the rock ‘n’ metal feel but add something extra to the music, making it something less standard. A bit of Southern rock adds the real hillbilly attitude, and their statement about their capacity for on-stage alcohol consumption sure convinces me of the fact that these guys know how to build a party. 

Overall the album is quite an easy listen which I sometimes find a bit of a pity, because occasionally they throw out a massive bulldozer riff that grabs you by the balls. Check out the endings of the title-track and the track ‘Get Inside’ to be convinced by this. I would have liked it if they made more use of this, but then again you shouldn’t overdo it.
If you like beer, rocking, partying, perhaps even getting stoned as a motherfucker, pick this one up or at least give it a chance and check it out. The Mötorhead of stoner has emerged. Another release to rock out with your cock out to!
Motherboar - Raise The Death Toll
80/1001Details Witch Trial Records
Released on Sunday Dec 31st, 2006
Rock 'n' Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Mar 27th, 2007

Tags: #Motherboar
Tracklisting 1. Ode To Swine
2. Raise The Death Toll
3. Get Inside
4. Thundadome
5. Imperial Lägerblayde
6. Dead By Dawn
7. Terrordactyl
Line up Kenny Irwin: Vocals
Pete Knipfing: Guitar
Brian Connor: Guitar
Benny Grotto: Drums
Joe Grotto: Bass