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Morgana Lefay - Over And Over Again (single)
With an eye on the upcoming full-length album Aberrations Of The Mind, Sweden’s Morgana Lefay has released a single for the song ‘Over And Over Again’. Together with that track, they have been kind enough to treat the fans to a second new song of their upcoming album. How nice!
The combination of power and thrash metal isn’t one I hear very often. Basically that’s because I’m not a huge fan of those genres. However, I do know something about bands that are simply good, simply bad or something in between and in the case of Morgana Lefay the band floats somewhere in between being something in between and being good.
What I like about the vocals is the very raw approach singer Charles Rytkönen uses. This way he doesn’t bother me with those damn high power metal vocals and keeps the metal spirit alive. What I like the music is that it’s metal. Really, I can’t say much more about that aspect. There are heavy guitars involved, guitar solos involved and not too overwhelming drum parts involved. What else does a metal fan want right? In this case, I’d say a bit more catchy tunes would do the trick. Although I do like the nicely build up beginning of the first track.
Conclusion: I do like the songs, but if these are the best tracks of their upcoming album, I think I’ll skip it. You are either a fan of Morgana Lefay already, which probably means you’ll buy the album anyway or you’re not. In the latter case, I personally don’t think you’ll get extremely excited by hearing this single.  
Morgana Lefay - Over And Over Again (single)
No ScoreDetails Black Mark / Displeased Records
Released on Monday Feb 26th, 2007
Power with Thrash Metal

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Mar 27th, 2007

Tags: #Morgana Lefay
Tracklisting 01. Over And Over Again
02. Face Of Fear
Line up Charles Rytk�nen – Vocals
Tony Eriksson – Guitar
Peter Grehn – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Fredrik Lundberg – Bass, Backing Vocals
Pelle �kerlind – Drums