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Abscess - Horrorhammer
Some names always come back in certain music scenes. Take for example Chris Reifert and Danny Corales, both where founding members of the legendary gore metalband Autopsy. Chris Reifert even started his career at the well-known metalband Death. Together they form the dynamic duo of Abscess which resulted in their 7th album since their Urine Junkies release in 1995.Last year there were some rumours about Chris quitting with music but luckily they were not true.
Starting with a no nonsense death metal song called ‘Drink The Filth’ the atmosphere for the album is immediately set. Brutal death punk with a touch of gore or how the band likes to describe it; sickadelic gore metal. With roaring guitars and filthy growling vocals Abscess slaughter themselves through the twelve songs of the album.
The only main problem with this album is that after several songs you get the feeling you’ve heard it all before. Luckily there are songs on the album like ‘Another Private Hell’ and ‘When Witches Burn’ which has a great sort of Black Sabbath vibe in it. And ‘Hellhole’ which has several great solos and very disgusting vocals in it. Without these songs this album would have written mediocre all over it.
Besides the vocals of both Chris Reifert and Clint Bower and several great solos, most of the songs couldn’t really grab my attention and hold it for a longer period. Exceptions to this are the songs that are mentioned above, but most of the songs on the album would probably only fit as background music during the long days in the slaughter house.
Abscess - Horrorhammer
65/1001Details Peaceville UK
Released on Tuesday Apr 24th, 2007
Deathmetal/ Deathpunk

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Apr 1st, 2007

Tags: #Abscess
Tracklisting 01. Drink The Filth
02. New Diseases
03. Poison Messiah
04. Another Private Hell
05. Exterminate
06. When Witches Burn
07. Four Grey Walls
08. Beneath A Blood Red Sun
09. Horrorhammer
10. Hellhole
11. March Of The Plague
12. The Eternal Pyre
Line up Chris Reifert - Vocals, Drums, Bass
Danny Corales - Guitar, Bass
Clint Bower - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Joe Allen - Bass