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Zatokrev - Bury The Ashes
I had never heard of Zatokrev from Switzerland, but I soon discovered they released their debut album on Earache Records. This new one is released through Firebox, and it’s called Bury The Ashes. Let’s start digging!
As soon as the first track kicks in, a smile appears on my face. Amazing heavy progressive postcore/doom metal bursts out of my speakers, relentlessly tormenting my eardrums until the last track has gone. The sheer heaviness of Bury The Ashes pleases me a great deal. In my opinion they posses an original sound, almost combining doom metal with the more progressive Mastodon way of songwriting. Again the also three-vocal attack reminds me of this band. This review is starting to sound like the one of The Mirimar Disaster, but I can tell you that I like this one a lot better.
I love the songs and I love the production. Harsh, in-your-face, but still with huge layers of atmosphere. Samples add that extra feeling to give the music just a little more depth. You can dream away on this music so easily, but it might be just as easy to bang your head to it. Whatever lubricates your genitals, if you’re into heavy music you’ll find something with Zatokrev.
I can’t really say anything more, except for repeating that I love this shit. I’ve listened to this record quite frequently and it never manages to bore me. So roll a fat one, light it up, pop in this record and kick back in your cosy sofa.
Zatokrev - Bury The Ashes
85/1001Details Firebox
Released on Monday Mar 19th, 2007
(Doom) Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Apr 7th, 2007

Tags: #Zatokrev
Tracklisting 1. Bury The Ashes
2. Starlight Leader
3. Void
4. Godless
5. Trial
6. Peeling Skin
7. The Fire
Line up Silvio Spadino - drums/vocals
Marco Grementieri - bass/samples/vocals
Frederyk Rotter - guitar/vocals
Stench - guitar