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Cadveres De Tortugas - Incarnation
The first time that I�ve heard from this band was when they released their previous album �Salvo Karma�. At that time they didn�t made an impact on me. Now this is their second change with the new album �Incarnation�. C.D.T. (Cadaveres De Tortugas) was founded in 1993. Their music contains a combination of Thrash, NYHC, the pulse of Hip Hop grooves and some Punk attitude. Another fact is that the band sings in two languages: Spanish and English. In 1999 C.D.T. was struck by a tragedy. The guitarist-vocalist died in a car accident. After some time of thinking about the future of C.D.T. Kecsk�s joined the band and they continued with making tribal metalcore. During their existence they shared supported shows from D.R.I., G.B.H., Integrity, Fury Of Five, Cro-Mags and Slayer. My first impression about the new album is quite good. There is more variation on the album. The songs contain some good percussion work. Its sounds like groovy metalcore but not like mainstream metalcore. C.D.T. is one of the metalcore bands that impresses me. There are so many metalcore bands but C.D.T. now how to become one of the best metalcore bands. In musical sights it�s groovy and aggressive and the �tribal� is in the drums. The Spanish language is no problem at all. If Max Cavelara didn�t leave Sepultura they sound like Cadaveres De Tortugas. I�m looking forward to see them soon on stage somewhere in my neighbourhood! Traklist: 1. Panicattack 2. Castaway 3. Wardance 4. Timetrap 5. UBQT 6. Password Showdown 7. Vuetro 8. Dial 666 9. Syco I 10. Anima 11. El Mensajero 12. Eso es + additional CD-rom track Line up: K�rm�czi P�ter � guitar, vocals Viniczai Szabolcs � drums Persoczki G�bor � bass, vocals Kecsk�s P�ter � guitar, vocals
Cadveres De Tortugas - Incarnation
83/1001Details Hardebaran
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @D.M.A. on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Cadveres De Tortugas
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