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Desecration - Process Of Decay
Before me lies the sixth album by the Welsh death metal trio called Desecration, originally released in 2005 but now licensed to Epitome Productions for a release in the USA. The band was so nice to write us a concept album with each song describing an aspect of the Process Of Decay. Prepare for some brutality.
It has been some time since an all-brutal death metal attack force managed to impress me, let alone please me. Nothing new at all here on Process Of Decay, but my god does this shit get me started like a hippo on cocaine. First of all I like to inform you that this band has been around since 1995, and (according to their bio) their debut album Gore & Perversion was seized and incinerated by the police. That’s ridiculous, but good for the notoriety level of the band of course. Luckily they were able to release a re-recorded version of the album later.
Now for the music on this disc. I can’t really make any comparisons, because it’s simply not my field of expertise, but I can tell you that this disc is a huge grooving fucking malevolent monster aiming to kill all on its path. Fast blasting, killer breakdowns, very heavy (sometimes pitched) vocals and some great overall songwriting. Brutality reigns supreme for sure here! This is a definite must-have for any fan of brutal death metal, and I really wonder why I have never heard this band before. I’ve listened to the album quite some times now and it still doesn’t bore me at all, which usually happens quite fast with the average death metal band. Especially the tracks ‘Black Putrefaction’ and ‘Maggots In Evidence’ get me every time. I think it's the start-stop riffs that do it for me.
The only negative thing I can say is that the bass drum is heavily triggered, but I believe most fans of this genre can’t get enough of that anyway. And I could say that they have an unoriginal name of course, but like they would give a shit. Pick this up and mosh the living daylight out of your living room!
Desecration - Process Of Decay
85/1001Details Epitome Productions
Released on Wednesday Nov 29th, 2006
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Apr 8th, 2007

Tags: #Desecration
Tracklisting 1. When The Heart Stops Beating
2. Initial Decay
3. Bacterial Breakdown
4. Black Putrefaction
5. Butyric Fermentation
6. Maggots In Evidence
7. Corpse Fauna
8. Dry Rot
9. Gravewax
Line up Ollie - vocals/guitar
Andi - bass/vocals
Mic - drums