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Emerald Sun - Escape From Twilight
Within the power metal genre it is a fact that some countries stand out, or stood out. Finland has Stratovarius (and many others), Germany has Helloween, Italy has Rhapsody of Fire. And now we may add Greece to that list with the release of Escape From Twilight by Emerald Sun!
Though being in the business for almost a decade, this is their debut-album. A typical power metal tradition is to let the album start off with a powerful and epic prelude. Emerald Sun doesn’t do any different and they did it very well. The first songs are always the first impressions of an album. And with this prelude, ‘Sunrise’, which blends over fluently into the fast and melodic ‘Scream Out Loud’ (which asks to be sung a long with) the standards are set for an awesome fifty minutes of power metal!
Describing the music of Emerald Sun is easy: it’s Helloween with Michael Kiske’s voice mixed with a personal touch. The fast guitar melodies, the fast straight-on drums, the background keyboards, and especially Jimmy Santrazami’s voice which is almost a copy of Michael Kiske’s, clearly make you feel like you are listening to a new Helloween album. Now this may let you think that they are unoriginal and a rip off. But don’t ever doubt that. What they play is of course done many times before, yet they sound very fresh and they don’t bore you at any time.
This album is a must have for every fan of Helloween or similar artists. And I can also recommend it to every power metal fan: You will enjoy this! Emerald Sun, a name we will hear again…
Emerald Sun - Escape From Twilight
85/1001Details Limb Music Products
Released on Friday Mar 23rd, 2007
Melodic Power Metal

Writer @Peekay on Wednesday Apr 11th, 2007

Tags: #Emerald Sun
Tracklisting 1. Sunrise
2. Scream Out Loud
3. High In The Sky
4. The Traveler
5. Sword Of Light
6. Eyes Of Prophecy
7. Escape From Twilight
8. Emerald Sun
9. H.M.
10. The Story Begins
11. Not Alone
Line up Johnny Athanasiadi – Guitar
B-Wicked – Drums
Jimmy Santrazami – Vocals
Jim tsakirides – Keyboards
Fotis Toumanides – Bass
Teo Savage - Guitar