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Laments Of Silence - Promo EP
Laments Of Silence was formed in 1995 in Tarragona, Spain. Ever since, they have only released one demo in 2003 and in October 2006 it was time for their second promo EP, which I’m about the review now.
Right from the start it’s obvious I’m dealing with an industrial goth metal band here. The keys are very present in all the songs, creating that typical industrial/gothic atmosphere the genre breaths out so often. The rest of the instruments all sound decent but I can’t come up with anything special to mention in this section. It’s the keyboard that does the trick for this band, since that’s the only instrument that really stands out to create the amount of catchiness that’s in this music.
Vocal wise there’s not a whole lot to mention either. Just an average grunting voice, occasionally accompanied by more guttural screams or melodic vocals. Basically there really isn’t much variety so besides the keys in this band everything else is quite average. It’s not bad at all, it’s just that it’s not more than average and certainly doesn’t surpass anything else I’ve heard before. It’s the heaviness that saves LoF from being given a lower score.
Except from the fact that I do like their cover artwork there’s nothing more to say. Laments Of Silence needs to put more variety in their songs and even then, I doubt whether they’ll ever grab the attention of the bigger crowds. I suggest to keep it underground and enjoy that!
Laments Of Silence - Promo EP
66/1001Details Independent
Released on Sunday Oct 1st, 2006
Industrial/Goth Metal

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Apr 11th, 2007

Tags: #Laments Of Silence
Tracklisting 01. Black Angels
02. Two Different Dreams
03. Scorpio
04. Burns The First World
Line up Wordak – Guitar
Da�l – Guitar
StarChild – Vocals
Atronoth – Drums
SCguarnido – Bass
Iv�n – Synths