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Dauntless - Execute The Fact
Dauntless was formed as Maniax by Sami Helle back in 1991. They were playing crossover/thrash at that time and released two demo’s. In 1998 they changed their name and another five demo’s were recorded, until they finally found an interesting label. They got signed to Firebox Records who sent them to the studio in late 2006 which resulted in their first full-length Execute The Fact.

This record offers some furious deathrash. The tempo is high and the sound is pretty grooving and sometimes even a bit technical. I can’t detect any weak song or part of a song on the album. Just straight-forward brutal Finnish thrash metal! What else to expect from a band that has been jamming for so long? Good thing is that not only the songstructures but also the production is very fine, or even better like that, cause this shit simply sound excellent.

Most of the songs have been written some time ago, and have been released on the earlier demo’s. ‘Body Open Wide’ saw its daylight on the Inhumankind demo (1999), ‘Ruins', ‘Sickest Victory’, and ‘Blindfolded Solutions’ on Ruins MMIV (2004) and ‘Flow of Fortune’, ‘Shelter Equals Grave’ and ‘Four Walls United’ were recorded earlier for the Obey - Erase - Obey (2005) demo. The other tracks are new, which makes it a big difference in time between the writingsessions. This is not easy to recognize though, which means that Dauntless plays on a high level for quite some years already. Too bad that they didn’t record any album some earlier. I guess they were right quoting “good things never come easy” in their bio.

A great debut, that’s what Dauntless presents with Execute The Fact. Deathchain might be a little faster and Yyrkoon has more death metal influences, but Dauntless’ sound is defenitly coming close to these bands, which of course is a compliment.
Dauntless - Execute The Fact
85/1001Details Firebox Records
Released on Thursday Mar 1st, 2007
Death/Thrash Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Saturday Apr 14th, 2007

Tags: #Dauntless
Tracklisting 01. Ruins
02. Shelter Equals Grave
03. Born Controlled
04. Flow of Fortune
05. Blindfolded Solutions
06. Body Open Wide
07. Sickest Victory
08. Suffocated Voice
09. Four Walls United
Line up Ari Nieminen - Vocals
Riku Katainen - Lead Guitar
Sami Helle - Guitar
Olli M��tt� - Bass
Santeri Salmi - Drums