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Nerthus - The Crowned's Reunion
Grim ancient metal is what these guys play according to themselves. An interesting term that is best simplified by stating that this music is not much different from black folk metal. I think that will clear things up a bit. Well, to keep it short, this isn’t music I listen to very often but I was in for some change this time and decided to give it a shot.
After a fitting intro that lasts for no less than 3 minutes, the real music kicks in. And you don’t have to be an expert to recognize the two main styles in this music. Folk metal and black metal. An interesting combination that certainly spices things up a little bit since just black metal can’t hold my attention very long. Some exceptions made of course.
The vocals sound really nasty and black and sure add the grim element to this music. Accompanied by very low grunts in the background, I gotta say that the vocals are quite convincing, although I most of the times don’t understand shit of what is actually sung. Metal huh?! No worries ‘bout that. A small minor is that the vocals tend to sound pretty much the same throughout the album but I guess that’s featured on basically every black metal album. No offense!
Instrumentally this CD makes your doubts, if any left, about the vocals disappear completely. Very much variety in the tempos is made, creating knightly landscapes in your fantasy with the right dose of folk/ancient(-sounding) instruments. Of course there is enough space left for the heavy black metal riffing as well but in combination with the folk parts I think this band is at its best. Although there is one instrument used quite a few times that has a really high ‘doing doing doing’-level in it which makes it close to annoying sometimes.
Though I’m not a fan of this kind of music and the album is quite a lengthy one, I gotta say that this album pleasantly surprised me. It’s an album filled with music that inspires your imagination and makes you wandering off into ancient landscapes. Black/folk metal fans, beware of Nerthus!
Nerthus - The Crowned's Reunion
73/1001Details CCP Records
Released on Wednesday Apr 11th, 2007
Grim Ancient Metal

Writer @Boek on Monday Apr 16th, 2007

Tags: #Nerthus
Tracklisting 01. Introfernalis
02. World Conflagration
03. Embattled
04. Selfmade Clone
05. Mounted On Horseback
06. The Shadowbrood
07. With Head Erect
08. Of Knightly Grace
09. Awakening
10. Intrepid Empire
11. Outrofernalis
Line up Mirko – Vocals
Alex – Guitar
Clemens – Keys

Drums performed by D. R�tem