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Fully Consumed - Fully Consumed
Ohio’s Fully Consumed is a death metal quartet that released its self-titled debut through Epitome Productions. The album has been released in November last year already, so it’s not the newest thing out there anymore. Nevertheless, someone found it necessary to send us a promo for a review. Let’s do so.
At first glance Fully Consumed seems interesting for a death metal band. The sound they give you is just plain brutal and aggressive, but has some slight rhythmical riffing in its ranks as well. Unfortunately it stays with a slight touch, thus maintaining their overall brutal death metal sound. But because the production isn’t that much state of the art and the songwriting in average has been done so many times before, I get bored pretty easily. I mean there are some cool riffs here and there, but not enough to please me through more than half of the album.
The aspect of the music that offers the most variety are the vocals. Mister Bob Clark, helped out by guitarist Jeff Shelper, throws out noises in all possible death metal worthy regions. Guttural pig sounds, heavy grunts, nasty screams and aggressive roars are all represented on this disc, which is a good thing to have. Too bad the production fails to let it really come forward here as well. Furthermore I really wonder what they were thinking when they decided to give their debut a ‘hidden’ track that’s just number ten on the disc, which exists of a gentile instrumental track with a guitar solo and some bass tricks. Doesn’t add anything at all to the album.
Well I don’t know if the average braindead headbanger will enjoy this, but I would like to see what a little more experience and a more professional production will bring them. For now, I can’t say I’m impressed.
Fully Consumed - Fully Consumed
55/1001Details Epitome Productions
Released on Wednesday Nov 1st, 2006
Death Metal/Grindcore

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Apr 17th, 2007

Tags: #Fully Consumed
Tracklisting 1. Murder In The Name Of Jesus
2. Frantikus
3. Slavior
4. Doldrums
5. Send Am
6. Man Of Peace
7. Stick Your Neck Out
8. Fractured Reality
9. Extinguish
10. Hidden Track
Line up Jeff Shepler - guitar, vocals
Jesse Barrowcliff - bass
Bob Clark - vocals
Matt Behner - drums