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Scelerata - Darkness And Light
Interested in hearing a band that is as progressive as it is catchy? For some this may sound too good to be true, but do not despair. Scelerata is a young Brazilian band that has given birth to its debut album Darkness And Light. They find their inspiration in bands like Helloween, Iron Maiden and Dream Theater. But don’t put too much reliance on that, Scelerata is here with a complete new sound. And it rocks!
I have always found it ‘easier’ to listen to non-progressive music because after a few listens you can sing along or hum the melody in your head. Don’t ask me how but after one listen to the album I could already sort of feel the melody and structure of the songs, though they sometimes tend to be pretty sophisticated.
The album kicks of with a simple prelude and ‘Holy Fire’. Then my attention really got caught with ‘Eminence’. Just as on the previous song the music was enjoyable, but on this track the voice by Carl Casagrande really stands out and gives this song that extra element needed to be more than just enjoyable. Throughout the album I felt that many songs had this extra thing. ‘The Spell of Time’ has a guest-appearance by Edu Falaschi (Angra, supporter of the band), ‘Endless’ has this wicked weird-instrument solo (though it is probably played by a keyboard) and so on. These elements tend to remind me of Rhapsody of Fire. All of this makes you realize that you are listening to a record which has been handled and produced with tons of energy!
Of course, some minor details are included as well. Casagrande’s voice may not be accepted very well as it sometimes sounds like he is nagging all the time. I guess that’s a completely personal thing in the end.
Nice to know is that the record comes with a bonus: the making of and the actual video for 'Eminence'  that really confirms what you hear, this band is young and full of energy!
To me, Scelerata have found the perfect balance between heaviness, melody and progressiveness! Do you like metal and you want to expand your music database? Consider to get your hands on this one. If you truly are into power metal on the other hand, don’t doubt. Buy it, listen and be satisfied!
Scelerata - Darkness And Light
84/1001Details MTM Music
Released on Friday Mar 23rd, 2007
Melodic Metal

Writer @Peekay on Tuesday Apr 17th, 2007

Tags: #Scelerata
Tracklisting 01. Land Of The Sins
02. Holy Fire
03. Eminence
04. The Spell Of Time
05. Ethereal Places
06. Endless
07. Darkness&Light
08. Spirits Looking For...
09. Wings To Fly
10. Adonai (Sacred Melodies)
Line up Carl Casagrande - Vocals
Magnus Wichmann – Guitars
Bruno Sandri – Guitars
Gustavo Strapazon – Bass
Francis Cassol – Drums