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Wolfchant - A Pagan Storm
In 2003 bandmembers Lokhi, Skaahl, Gaahnt and Norgahd started the band Wolfchant. Originally the band started out playing a mixture of death and dark metal but it soon headed towards a new direction which has also become their current style; Black / Pagan metal. After two demos and a full-length, it is now time for their second full-length album, A Pagan Storm.
Lately I started to like black/folk/pagan metal more and more. Ironically that’s just because I sometimes have to sacrifice some of my time for reviewing these kind of albums, simply because we don’t have enough people to do so. The positive side is that you get to know other styles as well and, in this case, you might even start to like them. Therefore I decided to review this album, together with the – already reviewed – Nerthus album.
As you might have read, I quite liked Nerthus’ new album but Wolfchant definitely surpasses them in my opinion. Not only does vocalist Lokhi has a somewhat more accessible voice throughout the album, the music contains more variation as well.
Right from the start there’s howling wolves that immediately drag you into the album. The howling creates a certain atmosphere that is strengthened by the music that kicks in only seconds later. This time it’s not the knightly landscapes I imagine but dark forests that have grown into terrifying places over the past centuries. Later on storm blows through your speakers and almost makes you shiver instantly.
It is at this moment that I start to grasp the art of black/folk metal, at least, that’s the way I see it of course. It’s about creating certain atmospheres that stimulate the imagination of the listener. It’s about telling (ancient) stories and myths. And Wolfchant does it in a good way.
A small minor in my opinion are the parts in which a couple of people sing together in a folklore-esque way. This comes by a few times throughout the album and it appears to me that these parts are a little off-key, which is a pity. On the other hand, the high(er) tempo that Wolfchant brings forward is really nice. It keeps you listening. Contrary to Nerthus’ album, this album knows to hold my attention longer without sounding too much the same. I’d say check it out if this review made you interested. For fans of the genre it’s worth at least a try!
Wolfchant - A Pagan Storm
75/1001Details CCP Records
Released on Wednesday Apr 11th, 2007
Black/Pagan Metal

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Apr 18th, 2007

Tags: #Wolfchant
Tracklisting 01. Growing Storms (Intro)
02. A Pagan Storm
03. The Path
04. Midnight Gathering
05. A Wolfchant From The Mountain Side
06. Guardians Of The Forest
07. Winter Hymn
08. St�rkend Trunk Aus Feindes Sch�del
09. Voran
10. Feuerbringer
11. The Axe, The Sword, The Wind And A Wolf
Line up Lokhi – Vocals, Mouth Harp
Skaahl – Lead Guitars
Derrmorh – Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Norgahd – Drums, Backing Vocals, Accordion, Recorder
Gaahnt – Bass