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Ever Since - Fight The Elements
The album Metalrage will discuss for you now is Ever Since with Fight The Elements. This band originated from 1998 and played their first show in 2000. In 2001 they brought out their debut album called Into A Reign Of Pain. Their new album consists of 6 songs bringing out the pain of living. When looking at the artwork, you�re tricked because it looks like one of those gothic albums. The music is not gothic though, but more a mix of death metal with some doom elements in them. The album starts with Burning Inside, which starts out with some very spacey guitar/bass effects with a steady double bass. The vocals are quite menacing and are sounding deep and full. The music resembles a bit with Moonspell�s Wolfheart album. The music is quite hypnotizing and with sudden outbursts it sounds quite convincing. The songs leave plenty of room to fill with freaky solos and other effects. The next song Heart Of Ice begins very slow and the guitar riffs remain quite slow. The drums however announce the tempo and this is quite high. When the song continued I was faced with a very Metallica like riff which sounded very nice. The song finds its way through time and ends with a blast of wind and the prelude to the next song called Brainstorm. This song is an instrumental song that I did not find nice to hear. The next song Back To Life wasn�t creating anything new to add to the music. It was more the same; however the song is certainly not bad. Especially the end was quite menacing with fast riffs and howling guitars. Who�ll Save Us is song that I like to hear. It�s a no nonsense song which blasts through with typical thrashy guitar riffs in it. The song remains interesting due to the many tempo changes and the last keyboard riff. The last song is a ballad like song called A Letter For The Lady Who Haunts My Nights. The song is quite slow but technically set up nicely. The song erupts into a black metal like riff with the screaming vocals in it, but the vocalist isn�t too shy to put some fat grunts in it. The headbang rate of the song is high and would fit perfectly in a live show. I was a bit disorientated about this album. I liked it, though it was not exactly what I expected. The cover art is deceptive but that was an element I enjoyed. The music was sounding quite convincing too, but there where some parts of songs that really irritated me. I can be honest about this, a decent album but certainly not a top album. Track list: 1: Burning Inside 2: Heart Of Ice 3: Brainstorm 4: Back To Life 5: Who�ll Save Us 6: A Letter For The Lady That Haunts My Nights Line Up: Vocals � Fabrice Terrettaz Guitars � Vincent Zermatten Bass � Yves Coppey Keyboard � Jean-Phillipe Lana Drums � Cedric Monnet
Ever Since - Fight The Elements
69/1001Details Own Production/Promo Hardebaran
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Ever Since
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