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Black The Sky - Simplistic Mechanics Of Deformable Bodies
Black The Sky was officially formed in 2004 as a project for Jeff "Dirtee" Brooks (ex-Of Parting Words) and James Whitehurst (ex-Lividity). Later on they became a real band and in the beginning of 2006 they started recording their debut Simplistic Mechanics Of Deformable Bodies which was released in the fall of the same year.

These dudes from Illinois offer some serious US-deathcore. Heavy riffs, screams and grunts and of course breakdowns. Not the lowest I’ve ever heard but they’re in it, otherwise it wouldn’t be deathcore but just death metal. Now this record has its stronger and weaker parts. The production isn’t that good. It’s not that the instruments get lost in the noise, but the more grooving parts are no fun. I’ve got hundreds of other albums which have a better sound.

Simplistic Mechanics Of Deformable Bodies isn’t an easy album to listen to either. The songs vary pretty much from each other, the tempo changes quite often (the difference between death metal and breakdowns), it sounds technical and it also features some spoken-text samples. Don’t expect a catchy album with songs that are all build with the same structures.

The forementioned points can also be comprehended as positive if you are into more chaotic death metal. I guess I prefer the more catchy bands, or at least say the bands that write less disorderly songs. Furthermore it’s nice to mention that their singing frontman Dustin Sumner was only 15 years old during the recordings and he does them -including some nasty pig squeals!- very good.
Black The Sky - Simplistic Mechanics Of Deformable Bodies
64/1001Details Epitomite Productions
Released on Tuesday Oct 24th, 2006

Writer @Mindsaver on Thursday Apr 26th, 2007

Tags: #Black The Sky
Tracklisting 01. Our Skin Is The Traveling Bag Of Our Existence
02. I Can Tell He's Dead Because He Has X's On His Eyes
03. Flowers Of Flesh And Blood
04. Where Dead Men Lost Their Bones
05. Intermission
06. Shave Your Face With A Rusty Machete
07. It Ain't Cheatin' If She Aint Breathin'
08. I Slept With A Member From Black The Sky And All I Got Was Rope Burn And A Bloody Asshole
Line up Dustin Sumner - Vocals
Jeff Brooks - Guitar
Jakob Heflin - Bass
James Whitehurst - Drums