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Revoltons - Night Visions
Revoltons are a Power / Heavy Metal band from Italy, who started as a Rock-cover band. Their playing quickly caught the attention of the crowd, and in 1997 the band decided to start writing their own music. Influenced by Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Helloween and other big prog/power metal bands, the band released a demo in 2000. One year later, "The Autumn Believer" was released. Altough it got some good press, the band was not in a good state. Line-up problems, and even a death of one of the bandmembers made the future look uncertain. In the summer of 2002 Revoltons decided to start tracking their 2nd longplayer. After finding a good vocalist, the band completed "Night Visions" in the beginning of 2003. Its quite hearable that the band draws a lot of influences from the bands named previously. Guitarist Alex Corona is also influenced by classical music, and that shows in the guitar and keyboard solos. Unfortunatly this style gets a bit boring after a few songs. The songs are well written, but seem to hang on the "power metal" thing a bit to much. A bit more experimentation would be a welcome change. "The Old Walls", which features one of the heavier riffs on the cd, brings a good change after the first half of the cd. One of the more technical tracks, "Time for Worlds Inside" brings up quite some Symphony X memories, alot of riffs and time changes. Very well executed. The albums closer has quite some prog-metal influences as well, with some nice melodies and variations. Revoltons put out a decent power-prog cd, which clearly shows that the band has the ability to be one of the bigger bands in its genre in Europe. Not all the songs are memorable sing-alongs; some of them are just to "standard" and "typical". But if we look beyond that, its a decent CD which will be liked by most power- and progmetal fans. Tracklist 1 - Eternal Pain 2 - Cell of Death 3 - Hands of Magellano 4 - Before the Dawn 5 - Reality met Childhood 6 - The Old Walls 7 - Malcom's Drama 8 - Time for Worlds Inside 9 - The Autumn Believer 10 - The Court's Fool
Revoltons - Night Visions
70/1001Details Limb Music
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Thursday May 20th, 2004

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