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Unlight - Eldest Born Of Hell
Unlight was founded in October 1997. After releasing Inferno and a picture-split EP with Nordafrost in 2005, the band is now ready to release its 4th official recording filled with “aggressive satanic black metal mixed with thrash and traditional metal-influences”. Evil huh?!
The reason I chose to review this album is very simple; its cover. I think it’s a damn good looking cover that breathes nothing but darkness and evilness. Hopefully the album itself will be as promising at its cover.
To be honest, the album isn’t quite what I expected judging from the cover. I had expected a way darker and sinister sound but in fact it’s mainly the vocal department that creates the black metal atmosphere on this album. Music wise it’s, as stated in their bio, quite varying, going from black metal to thrash metal and traditional metal influences. The combination of these styles is quite attractive and even if you’re not into black metal I think you can still dig this stuff.
On the other hand though, I personally would have liked more diversity between the individual songs. The drums sometimes seem a little hollow, like they haven’t been mixed in all too well. Although that’s not something to worry about, the overall musical skills shown on this album are a little shallow. There’s nothing really stunning to discover which makes this album a nice one to listen to but certainly not one I’d spend my money on.
So we have an album with a cool cover, quite good music that tends to sound a little too average and a Sodom cover song. All in all a nice combination but do not expect one of your best albums of the year. This simply isn’t.
Unlight - Eldest Born Of Hell
68/1001Details Heavy Horses Records
Released on Tuesday May 1st, 2007
Black Metal

Writer @Boek on Friday Apr 27th, 2007

Tags: #Unlight
Tracklisting 01. Satanas Rex Aeternus (Intro)
02. Retribution For The Witches
03. Eldest Born Of Hell
04. The Silent Dead
05. Dark Lords Of Impiety
06. Unholy Prophet
07. Blackened & Unblessed Altars
08. The Rebirth Of The Unlight
09. Non Serviam
10. March Of The Funeral God
11. Wachturm (Sodom)
Line up Blaspherion – Vocals, Guitar
Necron – Guitar
Tartaros – Bass
Lord Grond – Drums